Thursday, March 26, 2015

5 Reasons Why Ted Cruz Can't Be President...Debunked!


Ted Cruz, my pick for 2016, threw his hat in the race for president on Monday and already he's receiving flack. Attacks from both those on the left and the right claim that Cruz is a hypocrite, not qualified, inexperienced and crazy. One of the most principled and honest politicians in Washington, Cruz is no Barack Obama, no party politician and no Washington insider. I've heard these arguments all week; it's time to put these to rest and rally behind a courageous conservative.

1. "He wasn't born in America."

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Support Ted Cruz? Think he has no shot in 2016? Vito and Vito go into detail and explain why he can win, why he should win, and oh, why he's a citizen, too.

Sgt. Bergdahl is being tried for desertion, finally. And why the Left praised him and hated Chris Kyle.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thur 8pm - The Vito and Vito Show - A Tall Frappe, Crappe, Latte Please!

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Vito and Vito are back at it tonight with their large, I mean tall, Starbucks coffees.

"What can we get started for you today?"
Just kidding, we're boycotting! Starbucks wants to lecture us on race relations? We'll see about that!

Seattle raised minumum wage to $15 an hour recently, and businesses are closing. Coincidence?

Also, President Obama mentioned he wants to force Americans to be required to vote. That may be a problem, Mr. President.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Obama Funneled Money to Israeli Elections

President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu
The Peace Works Network Foundation, a nonprofit linked to Obama, and also known as OneVoice, was identified in a January letter authored by U.S. lawmakers as having funneled money to campaign-related activities in the upcoming Israeli election despite being incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization. These organizations are forbidden from engaging in foreign or domestic political campaign activities.

Reports show a letter from Senators Ted Cruz and Lee Zeldin said that the State Department funded V15, which is active in Israel and spent millions of dollars to unseat Netanyahu.

The State Department replied that the funds expired before the election, however, reports are saying the funds may still be used for the election.

Netanyahu even hinted at the controversy months ago saying that even some governments are backing him.

Today is the elections in Israel.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Heard at CPAC 2015

Vito and Vito had so many great interviews while at CPAC 2015 this year.

Some interviews we couldn't even fit into our weekly show! Below there are the rest of the interviews from CPAC 2015!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Vito and Vito on WNJC 1360

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As announced during this week's show, Vito and Vito are happy to announce that  The Vito and Vito Show and Behind Enemy Lines will be syndicated on South Jersey and Philadelphia's WNJC 1360 AM radio!

Starting next week, you can now also hear Vito and Vito Fridays at 1pm ET. For more details, check out!

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Thur 8pm - The Vito and Vito Show - Vito Found Hillary's Emails (+ More CPAC Stuff!)

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Vito and Vito have a few more great interviews from CPAC 2015! Also, the Vitos discuss #47Traitors (#47Patriots is more like it), the most recent Ferguson shooting, and Hillary's emails scandal.

Vito and Vito also have a huge announcement to make on the show. What could it be? You're going to have to tune in to find out!

It should be a fun show. That's the plan, so you should join us at 8pm ET!

This lady wants to run this country...