Monday, April 10, 2017

Ready, Aim, Syria!

  This is bad...this is bad, this is bad, this is BAD.  That was the mantra on repeat in my brain when the word of the airstrike in Syria was announced.   This has to be the beginning of WWIII, right?!  How could President Trump do something so overly risky?  An understandable thought, right?  This is scary stuff.  This is a monumental event that has just taken place for the world, not just President Trump's administration.  There are some serious repercussions to this event.... but let's think about this for a moment.  This might not be the worst thing to happen.
      Reports began in 2012, while President Obama was in office, indicating that the Assad regime was behind the murder of his own people.  Who can forget Obama's famous "Red Line"?  A warning to Assad after reports of the attacks went viral on the international stage... a line that Obama realistically had no intention of holding Assad's feet to the fire.   It was empty an empty threat by Obama, and Assad knew it.  Assad was given a golden ticket by Obama, Assad saw this, and the world knew it, but no one put up a fight.  This lead to the great refugee crisis we're witnessing now.   Syria is in shambles now because Assad and his regime knew they could get away with anything.  Enter Trump.
     Like many of us, President Trump does not want a war.  What we are seeing from Trump is a bold action to something that SHOULD have been taken care of years ago.  The target was Shayrat air base; to help stop future possibilities of a chemical weapons attack.  Russians were warned about the strike, even though they continue to turn their heads to the deplorable attack on innocent people.
     This strategic strike is a wake up call to the people across the world that America will not stand by while innocent people are murdered by their government.  Hopefully Americans, and others around the world, who have had their heads buried in the sand in regards to the atrocities committed by Assad will see that this was a vital steps to stabilize Syria.  Perhaps some see it as an "act of aggression", but what else would a mass murderer will understand if not strength?  

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day Strike: A Tool for Lefitsts

Today was International Women’s Day, but instead of celebrating the achievements of women in America and around the world, many will use it to express themselves another way, participating in protest against the “injustices” that women face every day in the workplace, at home, and in society known as the “A Day Without a Woman” strike.
The marches, similar to the marches against President Trump on January 21st, will be made up of not only people protesting the rights denied to women, but also rights denied to the members of the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, and immigrants, a direct retaliation to the executive order signed by President Trump a few weeks ago.
Although the march has a clear-cut mission, it lacks a strong base to the movement. Planned Parenthood, the top sponsor for the march, rigorously fights for women’s rights every day, but people who support this fail to realize that Planned Parenthood is also responsible for more than 300,000 abortions every year, according to Considering many of these unborn children were potentially female, fighting for women’s rights suddenly becomes problematic when it’s realized that the top sponsor denies a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution: life.
Moreover, including members of groups that do not share that mission (groups fighting The Dakota Access Pipeline for example) clearly shows that the movement is not actually about women’s rights, but rather used as encouragement for other progressive agendas such as immigration and environmental policies. The Natural Resources Defense Council, the only platinum sponsor of the movement, just behind Planned Parenthood, is an organization aimed at fighting climate change, which has absolutely nothing to do with women’s rights.
Even the debated relevant topics being protested for by this movement are problematic. The common workplace discrimination arguments, brought up consistently by women’s rights organizations, too, lacks a strong base on multiple fronts.
On the equal pay front, which lacks decisive evidence in general, paying women the same as men disintegrates the meaning of capitalism, a system that once made this country arguably the strongest in the world. Paying the same wage to people occupying the same job throws a wrench in the wheel of competition, lowering the standards of an employer who might see something past the actual resume of a candidate. In addition, it creates a ceiling on bargaining power for positions, which might actually force employers to pay someone who is more equipped for the job less money, including women. While there is still no real evidence that supports the claim that women are paid less, the true meaning of the movement becomes shaky.
In defense of these ideologies, women are taking the day off from work, unpaid labor, and shopping. In circumstances where striking is not possible, they will wear red in solidarity.
Fighting for women’s rights once sent a powerful message to lawmakers and society, but that message has now become diluted as recent events have seen the cause embody a new meaning closely tied with leftist politics. It is no longer about the rights of women, but rather a vehicle to break down the current Trump administration, and force an equal, socialist-leaning agenda on society. Real women should not march, take the day off from work, or simply do (or not do) things to divide on this day, but rather celebrate the accomplishments that so many great women such as Sally Ride and Nellie Bly have made throughout history, aiming to further accomplish great things for the world.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Muslims in Uganda Rape Christian Women

On January 15, 2017, Muslims stormed a church in Uganda and raped and attacked members of the congregation. The assault was apparently a revenge attack against the pastor of the Katira church for allegedly converting Muslims to Christianity. According to a member of the congregation who escaped from the church, one of the attackers shouted, “Away with the pastor who is converting our Muslims to Christianity.” After the attack, members also found leaflets accusing the pastor of converting Muslims and threatening more attacks. Now, weeks after the attack, the church’s pastor is still missing, along with eight other Christians from his congregation who were kidnapped with him.

The mainstream media didn't cover this. Instead, the media is too busy telling the world how terrible Donald Trump is. Only a few weeks ago, we had a president who was weak and was a coward. But, since January 20, Donald Trump has been the president of the United States and now we know that Islamic terrorism has met its match. Under the Trump administration, the event that occurred in Uganda has little chance of happening in the United States.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tact: How DO You Do?

Dear Anti-Trump Rioters/Protesters/Demonstrators,

     There is so much unrest in our nation, worldwide even, that it goes beyond imagination.  This unrest, this unease, is palpable.  Like many of you I am beginning to believe that this is a tangible being, as if one day we will wake up to news of it leaving a slime trail of darkness on the city streets.  Yet I, like many others, believe this unrest has grown way beyond what it should. 
     Which has me wonder of you Anti-Trump protesters, how can any of you legitimately justify your destructive actions and the vile tone you have adopted?   You want to stand up for your beliefs which is one of the pillars of freedoms this nation is all about; and as an American I encourage you to voice your dissent as it is your right.  Yet those of you in the Anti-Trump crowd forget that it is through this dissent that we learn from those with different view points, and that your point is more effective when it is delivered with tact, and this is something you do not have.  It is this lack of tact that is your downfall.
     Tact comes when you can deliver your point without violence, destruction, or assault, but with words that are so well articulated and a point so thoughtfully prepared that those who stand in opposition from your views are persuaded of their own free will to listen.  It is here where you lose everything that you are trying accomplish and it is here that your "movement" dies a painful death.  You Anti-Trump protesters are not convincing Americans who voted for Trump to listen to you and to unite on common ground; you're pushing them away with your foolish protests that quickly turn into destructive riots and assaults on your fellow Americans.   In simple terms, your demonstrations are leading no where. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Day Without Immigrants... You Mean Illegals

     Stay home illegal aliens and those of you who have no idea the burden illegal immigrants pose on our nation, that's just fine.  For those of us who understand what this is all about, this silly call to action as nothing but pure nonsense, go about your day as usual.  For those who stay in our nation undocumented feeding off of our system, you should be humbled and grateful, yet here you are flamboyantly flaunting your illegal status because you think someone like me will be moved to tears and want you to continue staying here as an illegal immigrant?  That's not going to happen.  All of you taking today off are full of yourselves and appreciate nothing you have here, and you miss the point entirely on what it means to be American.
     Let me specifically address a growing concern many of us have for all of you calling for open borders and reject any nationalistic identity:  How can one demand that the US take in all of the worlds sick, the poor, those seeking social justice and yet use the same tongue to bash the US for being overreaching as a leader in our world?  Let me inform all of you who deeply believe in this liberal ideology that takes more and more of hardworking Americans money to support people who flee a repressive government: continuing on this path is just , and will continue to be, a temporary Band-Aid.  Why?  The problem facing these immigrants fleeing from their home land is not being fixed.  The source of the problem will continue on its path of repression and fear, and people worldwide will still live in poverty and face social injustice daily because we don't call on other countries to fix their nonsense.  No what we do is continue on the easy route of ignoring these injustices and continue on accepting people afflicted by crisis. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Waking Up Conservative

 President Trump issued an executive order in regards to the safety and security of our nation and snowflakes and liberals who did not take a moment to actually READ the policy protested and or rioted.  Snowflakes and liberals who do not think there are any repercussions for their actions set fires, physically assaulted human beings, and smashed windows and glass doors when Milo was scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley.  We have legitimate citizens of the United States who care more about the welfare and right of illegal immigrants receive than they do about the suffering of our nations Vets.  There are students being taught that America is the most oppressive nation in human history and the only way to fix it is to adopt a socialist style of government. America's Supreme Court found in favor of forcing Obamacare on its citizens without enforcing it on our leadership or themselves.  Our national debt is $19 TRILLON dollars and growing, yet American citizens are told that gender identity is a more pressing matter.   American women are demanding free birth control pills and on demand abortion access in the name of equality while millions of girls are sold as child brides, undergo female genital mutilation, and are still considered property of men.  The list goes on and on of complaints conservatives have against liberals, but let's address something that's going to make liberals cry; whether you, liberals, like it or not, the children being raised now are being raised with conservative values.   

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Promiscuous Passé

     Since the announcement of Trump's nomination of Judge Gorsuch, the fake eruptions of outrage from the Left have been predictable, but one claim is wearing thin on my patience. That irritating claim is that this SCOTUS nominee, and future Supreme Court Judge, will overturn Roe v. Wade.  It really did not matter who the nominee would have been, this talking point would bloom regardless, yet I am afraid that if I were to roll my eyes anymore that they would get stuck that way.
    This repeated tired claim regarding Roe v. Wade is offensive in its root that women are citizens solely concerned about access to abortion in the eyes of the Left.  The Left does not think women concern themselves with the matters of national security, care of our Veterans, the economy nor anything more pressing than the outcome of their sexual activity.  Essentially, the Leftist's concern with women worldwide ends and begins at their vagina.  If you are in doubt just look at how much funding Planned Parenthood gets and how much Planned Parenthood "donates" to certain candidates.  It's not a coincidence, it's by design for the need for power, and it's entrapment of the minds of millions of women nationwide.
       This debate regarding Roe v. Wade and it's continued protection regarding a conservative Judge is ridiculous.  Ladies, the Left truly believes that abortion access is your number one hot button issue.  Women essentially don't have any thoughts or cares about our economy, crime, the education system, or national security; all women care about is their vagina and whether or not they can have an abortion.  That is it, that's all women are for Leftists.  If the Left can scare a women enough into believing a conservative wants to drag women back to their caves and be ruled over by a man, they have job security come any election cycle.