Monday, June 29, 2015

Walmart Rejects Confederate Flag But Bakes ISIS Cake

ISIS Cake: Presented to you by Walmart
Walmart refused to bake a Confederate Flag cake for a customer, but baked an ISIS cake.

The Left argues that the Confederate Flag is a symbol of racism and urges for its removal. The Confederate Flag, and the Civil War, represented states' rights. The Confederate Flag is a piece of United States history. Also, in the name of liberty, you should not be forced to remove the flag.

If the Confederate Flag is "evil", how about the flag that represents ISIS; the terrorist organization slaughtering everyone who doesn't agree with them, including gays and Christians. ISIS is anti-American, not the Confederate Flag., along with Sears, also stopped selling Confederate merchandise. But Amazon did not stop selling the ISIS flag!
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Saturday, June 27, 2015

New Yorkers Refuse to Register Guns

Out of millions of gun owners, only 24,000 New Yorkers, mostly police officers, have registered their semi-automatic rifles.

New York State Rifle & Pistol Association President Tom King commented,

“New York gun owners know it is flawed and they are not complying with it. I am confident that we will ultimately prevail in getting significant portions of the law overturned in the courts.”

The S.A.F.E. Act, which created a gun registry for semi-automatic weapons using detachable magazines, was signed into law by Governor Cuomo in 2013.

Protestors marked the April 15 registration deadline by destroying state registration cards.

“They have been shredding the Constitution for years,” gun owner Russ Thompson said. “You shred the Constitution, we’ll shred any form you want us to fill out.”

“They can’t arrest a million people. What are they going to do?”

Some sheriffs in New York State have even said that they will not enforce the law.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thur 8pm - The Vito and Vito Show - Confederate Flag Takedown with Dr. Alveda King

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Dr. Alveda King
Vito and Vito are back from the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference (RINOCon) in Philadelphia! We break down if the RINOs have it right: Jeb Bush is GOP's only chance to win in 2016.

We are also joined by Dr. Alveda King (MLK's niece) to discuss the tragedy in Charleston and the urgency to take down the Confederate Flag.

Vito and Vito also discuss the horrible SCOTUS decision today regarding ObamaCare.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vito and Vito Expand!


This past weekend, The Vito and Vito Show, along with Behind Enemy Lines, expanded over to TWO new stations!

Now you can listen to Vito and Vito every Friday 9pm ET on and every Saturday at 7pm ET on Red State Talk Radio!

Vito and Vito will still broadcast live every Thursday at 8pm on WAARadio and will still air every Friday at 1pm on WNJC 1360 AM!

Jeb Bush Touts Religion and Faith at Road to Majority

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush at Road to Majority 2015

In his beginning remarks, presidential candidate Jeb Bush stated that his speech won’t “be political, instead it will be about my journey of faith” at the Road to Majority conference, sponsored by the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington D.C.

The former Governor began to discuss the recent South Carolina shooting of the nine worshipers killed inside a church in Charleston on Wednesday. Bush was scheduled to campaign in South Carolina on Thursday but cancelled due to the tragic event:
“This was an evil act of aggression, I don’t know what was going through the mind of the man who committed this atrocious crime, but I do know what was in the heart of the victims. They were there meeting in brotherhood and sisterhood in that church, engaged in prayer, learning the words of the lord.”
Bush then began to speak about his conversion to Catholicism on Easter 1995, after he lost his first 1994 governor election.
“I converted to the Catholic Church because I believe in the blessed sacraments.  Faith is really the moral foundation of our country,” Bush told a crowd of religious conservatives. However, as he talked about his faith, Bush began to tout his time as governor of Florida and how his “journey to faith informed him during his public service.” He mentioned how he narrowed the number of abortion clinics due to being “shocked at the poor regulation of Florida’s abortion clinic.”

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Obama Executive Order to Force "Diversity" in Neighborhoods

President Obama is using his executive orders unconstitutionally again, as usual.

According to The Hill, President Barack Hussein Obama is pushing new Department of Housing and Urban Development regulations that will withhold block grants to communities if they don’t build enough "affordable housing in wealthy neighborhoods." The executive order, known as the “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act,” was issued by the president last year and will be used to promote racial quotas in white suburban neighborhoods. It will also force thousands of communities to house the nation’s population of new immigrants.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Thur 8pm - The Vito and Vito Show - "Let's All Re-Identify!" - Vito Comes Out

Last episode, to follow Rachel Dolezal, re-identified as a strong, independent black woman.

Also, Donald Trump and Jeb Bush announced their 2016 bids. Vito and Vito dissect the GOP field and tell you who's really a contender!