Friday, April 24, 2015

Muslims Heckle Genocide Victim at Pam Geller Event in NYC

Wednesday night Pamela Geller gave a speech at the student center in Brooklyn College.

Pamela Geller is a blogger and political activist. She is best known for advocating against jihad and radical Islam, especially in New York. Recently, Pamela financed anti-jihadist ads in New York City, which was very controversial and went to court. The federal judge ruled in her favor arguing her freedom of speech.

In the beginning of her speech, Pamela Geller said it is rare that she or fellow activists get to speak at college campuses. Geller explained that she ran anti-jihad ads to counter the anti-Israel ads she saw around the country. She spoke that she had to sue to get ads run and this was sad because we live in the United States and are protected by the First Amendment. The audience laughed at this.

One lady spoke up and explained that she is Muslim and her husband is Jewish and she survived a genocide years ago. She thanked Pamela. The crowd up roared and started to laugh and heckle her. They kept shouting and wouldn't let her ask her question. She said to the crowd, "If you're so brave, I want your heads on a platter." The crowd erupted by chanting, "That's a threat." The room become chaotic and disruptive.

Geller said the crowd should be ashamed of themselves for heckling and laughing at a genocide survivor.

The woman asked Pamela to never stop fighting radical Islam. "Never." she replied.

See below for exclusive audio of the outrage.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thur 8pm - The Vito and Vito Show - Rev. Al Can Finally Eat!

Click here to listen live!
Vito and Vito made it home alive from New Hampshire. We are serious, it was too long of a bus ride home!

We brought back some great interviews for you guys, including Representatives Peter and Steve King (no relation).

Grassroots favorite Dennis Michael Lynch and even the press conference with Governor Bobby Jindal too tonight!

Unfortunately, Rev. Al Sharpton can finally eat after his hunger strike because Loretta Lynch was confirmed today 56-46.



Ted Cruz Rallies Crowd at FITN

Sen. Ted Cruz speaking in New Hampshire
Ted Cruz, the final speaker at the Republican Leadership Summit in Nashua, NH, ended the event with his fiery energy and comments with ISIS and Loretta Lynch on Saturday.

"The Obama administration is so bad", he told the all-Republican crowd, "that the final 20 months of its second term will be like Lord of the Flies.”

“If only the terrorists attacked a golf course,” Cruz continued, “that might actually get the White House’s attention,” he joked.

In regards to ISIS, Cruz said to a huge crowd that the only way to defeat them is with an aggressive approach in which “we will destroy them.”

“We need a commander-in-chief who says the objective is not to weaken, not to degrade ISIS, but to utterly and completely destroy ISIS using overwhelming air power directed at taking out ISIS in every location and by arming the Kurds, our long time allies who are on the ground.”

Monday, April 20, 2015

Should Marine Corps Lower Standards for Women?

A IOC diploma is a must to earn the designation of infantry officer. Of 29 women who tried, none graduated; only four made it through the first day’s combat endurance test.

The pressure is on from the White House's "politically correct" agenda.

The military now may lower standards to make sure they have more women serving.

They should not. Not at all.

You can argue if women should be in the military, or if women are physically equal to men. It is true that men have more muscle mass than women, in general. There are many statistics to throw around. The left always yells, "equality!"
The real issue should be "equal opportunity."

If a woman wants to join the military, God bless. If anyone wants to join the military, God bless!

Here's the thing, this is national defense. The best of the best defend and fight for the United States of America everyday, and we cannot lower the standards just to be "politically correct" and to appease feminists. If you want to join the military, pass the tests! I don't care if you're a man or woman, blue or black, pass the test! It's a matter of skill and experience, not sex.

Friday, April 17, 2015

On the Road Again: #FITN Summit

April 17-19, 2015

Vito and Vito are off to New Hampshire to cover the First in the Nation Republican Leadership Summit this weekend, April 17-19, 2015.

Vito and Vito, along with contributor and good friend Mona Salama, will be live tweeting and interviewing special guests and candidates all weekend long!

The speaker list includes Dr. Rand Paul, Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. Jeb Bush, Gov. Rick Perry, Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. Marco Rubio and so many others.

Check out their website for more information about the summit!

Be sure to follow Vito and Vito on Twitter and Mona Salama for frequent updates and commentary during the summit, all day everyday!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thur 8pm - The Vito and Vito Show - Hillary, Rubio, and Winteregg

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Vito and Vito are joined by House Speaker John Boehner's primary challenger J.D. Winteregg. He's the man to defeat the RINO leadership in the House!

Hillary announced her 2016 big this week and so did Sen. Marco Rubio. We break down the new playing field and who is the best candidate for 2016 (in both parties).

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Anti-Hillary Street Art in Brooklyn

Today is the day. Hillary Clinton is announcing her 2016 presidential run. So many people are excited. So many aren't.

Needless to say, Hillary is surrounded with controversy for so many different reasons.

Below are the posters posted in downtown Brooklyn near Hillary's 2016 campaign headquarters.