Friday, March 7, 2014

Off to CPAC!

Vito and Vito are going to Washington D.C.! CPAC 2014, be prepared, here we come!
The Vito and Vito Show will be joining their sister station - Brooklyn GOP Radio - down in D.C.
Vito and Vito will be in the capitol listening to a wide variety of Republican speakers, such as:
Chris Christie
Sarah Palin
Rand Paul
Donald Trump
Paul Ryan
...and so many more!
We will be networking too!
Spreading the news about the newest conservative show around, there will be more opportunities for special guests to come on the show!

But it all started with you, our dedicated fans.

Thank you all for such great support!

And a special thanks to Brooklyn GOP Radio - Gene & Russell - for giving us this great opportunity to go to CPAC.

Be sure to keep up with the news and pictures from CPAC - all being tweeted and posted on the official Vito and Vito Show Facebook and Twitter!

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