Saturday, March 1, 2014

NYC Pothole Problem

A record of 136,476 potholes have been patched up in New York City since the turn of the calender. By this time last year, there were only 57,000 potholes.
But thanks to Old Man Winter, the roads are thawed even more than usual.
Over 50 inches of snow hit New York so far in 2014, more than double the yearly average!
Mayor de Blasio stated last week that New York will fix these potholes, as he posed for the media, fixing one himself.
It is worse in other parts of the Northeast, as Philadelphia won't even attempt to keep count.
As New York City continues to keep patching up potholes, Boston has created a "Potzilla" which is what they call a "pothole killer".
Maybe it is time for New York to focus on infrastructure. Maybe de Blasio will turn from education and 'equality' to the roads. Instead of lower speed limits and bike lanes, maybe fixed, safer roads across the five boroughs.

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