Friday, April 18, 2014

Democrat Election Strategies 101: "Change" Topics and "Hope" Americans Forget

President Obama (Photo: MSNBC)

Minimum wage and equal pay...Democrats need something, right?

With the 2014 midterm elections coming up, Democrats are scrambling to clean up their image after the new healthcare law's popularity sinks to new lows. In order to divert their attention from a possible GOP takeover of the Senate, Democrats have resorted to using their "bag of diversion" to draw attention away from the ACA. Harping on "Women's Rights" and an increase in the minimum wage, the President is leading his party's re-election campaign on the hope that voters will forget about the healthcare debate and join in on the populist setting that got him elected in 2008. (and 2012)

Seriously... (Photo: NY Daily News)
This isn't the first time the President has used this tactic. In 2012, right before the Presidential election, Barack Obama came out in support of gay marriage. Saying how he "evolved" on the issue, the President completely changed his tune from his stance in 2008, being against it in the first place. ("I am not in favor of gay marriage.") But in 2012, facing the unpopularity of Obamacare, the sluggish economy and re-election, the President diverted from the issues at hand and changed the conversation to "gay marriage", making a public spectacle of him announcing to the world that he supports it. (Ha! And they said Mitt was a flip-flopper) Not saying what he would do for gay couples, the President just said he supports it. By publicly stating his support, the President padded his liberal base as voters responded to Obama's announcement. The result: his polls numbers and supporters for gay marriage increased. It doesn't matter where you or I stand on this issue, and I'm not commenting on the policy of gay marriage. However, the political tactic used by the President is evident to any student of politics that Obama's real motive here was meant to take American minds off hot topics, bump up support, pull poll numbers and to energize the gay vote. (76% of the gay vote went to Barack Obama)

This isn't the first time Democrats have done this - and trust me Republicans do it too, it's politics- but when the leader of the Free World begins to deviate from the main topics (the economy and healthcare) to talk about his position on a sub-topic, it reaffirms the notion that this President has no leadership quality. The President, as head of the Democratic Party, is doing the same thing now. Setting the stage for Democrats to pin Republicans as "anti-women" and "anti-poor" like he did in 2012. With no pragmatic solution to the real problem's like the debt and healthcare, the President is in a tough spot. He'll probably lose Senate control and Republicans will make him a lame-duck quickly. By following the same tactics, the President has displayed his lack of leadership, coupled with his lack of negotiation skill one has to ask:
Why, America,...twice?...really?  

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