Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mr. President, Was This the Best We Could Do?

Bowe Bergdahl (Photo: CBS News)

President Obama approved a deal that released five deadly Taliban leaders being held in Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl this week. What seems like a good day for Bergdahl is really a sad day for America's national security. Trading five of the worst Taliban leaders for a deserter is a move only an incompetent Commander in Chief can make.

Now, I'm no West Point graduate nor do I have the military knowledge to serve in the Secretary of Defense, but I do have some legitimate questions that I think every American should be asking about what thought process went into this move and what can we expect next:

1) Was This the Only Way?
First off, negotiating with terrorists should never be the first option. These animals are not apart of another uniformed nation, but a crazy religious sect that is and always will be set on taking out the West. However, does it make sense to give up five highly dangerous Taliban leaders for just one U.S. solider? I get it, "leave no man behind", it's a very popular military motto, but does that mean that we, as a country, are obligated to give terrorists everything they want?

The U.S.A. has the world's most advanced military. You mean to tell me the nation that planned and executed the bin Laden raid without one U.S. Navy Seal dying couldn't stage some type of raid to save this solider? Could the U.S. have said no to giving up five terrorists and maybe, just maybe, renegotiate a deal, giving up some roadside bomber instead?

Was this the best we could do, Mr. President?

2) Is Sgt. Bergdahl a Deserter?
Reports are all over different news sites claiming that Sgt. Bergdahl deserted his unit in the middle of the night. Former Sgt. Matt Vierkant called for Bergdahl to face a military trail in the wake of why he left the base. Six soldiers tied both directly and indirectly to Bergdahl's disappearance died looking for him and reports also indicate that Bergdahl left in the middle of the night with no gun, no flak jacket and no approval. The Pentagon is even confused as to why he deserted the base. Let me be clear, Bergdahl should stand military trial now that he is home! If these allegations are true, then President Obama authorized a trade allowing five terrorist leaders to go back to killing Americans for one treasonous, dishonorable deserter...let that sink in for a minute folks.

3) Did Obama Break the Law?
On top of all this talk, some have argued that the President broke the law. Signing the National Defense Authorization Act in 2012, one of the clauses state the President must notify Congress 30 days prior to releasing any detainees from Guantanamo Bay. Obama did not consult or authorize with Congress at all, leading some to wonder if the President broke the law. Senator Lindsey Graham and Allen West have come out and mentioned bringing up charges against the President. Although we can argue if now is a good time to bring impeachment or if he should be charged at all, we can agree that at least some type of pressure should be applied on the Executive Branch, asking why this deal was the best and why Congress was not notified.

Here's a chance for the Republicans to truly show why they are best fit to lead the nation. From Benghazi, the VA scandal and now this, the GOP must keep these stories in headlines. Republicans did with Benghazi and now a full scale investigation is going on into what happened. Keep the iron hot!

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