Monday, July 14, 2014

Why is Government Subsidizing This!?

(Photo: The Joint Blog) Berkeley, CA will now provide the poor and homeless with free medical marijuana

In Berkeley, California, the City Council recently voted to provide free medical marijuana to the poor and homeless. Due to the fact that marijuana is illegal under federal law, Medi-Cal, California's version of Medi-Caid, does not cover medical marijuana. Now, those with "serious life-threatening conditions" can be assured that all of their ails will be cured with marijuana...for free!

In California, where a bad night's sleep on the wrong side of the bed qualifies you to get a marijuana card from a doctor, the local Berkeley government will subsidize it's poor and homeless people access to free marijuana. I don't know how much marijuana costs in California, (or here for that matter) but the cons outweigh the pros of this idea. When you smoke marijuana, you get high, when you get high, you can't work. Don't you think that if you give homeless and lower-income people the freedom to smoke marijuana, you're just enabling an already tough situation?

Now don't get me wrong. I don't believe all poor people are lazy and smoke marijuana. I know that many of these people are hard-working Americans struggling to get by and that they are just providing for their families in a tough economy where GDP in the fist quarter is down -2.9%. (Yes Mr. President...I see how "better off" we are under you!) But there are those who do nothing all day but sit home and collect. Don't you think that that faction of people will become even more dependent on government to provide for them, now with free marijuana? So instead of the local government lowering taxes, so business owners can hire, give jobs to the poor and homeless, offer a chance for those to learn skills to move up the socio-economic latter, and be independent, they're going to use up more tax dollars to pay for this program.

California's medical marijuana program is ripe for corruption and allows almost anyone to get a "green card" (See what I did there). Yet, now with the government helping to give low-income and homeless people free, tax payer, subsidized marijuana, one has to wonder if this program will continue to be abused. Does this mean kids can get a hold of the marijuana, free of charge? Can a 22-year old now walk into a doctor's office, acquire a card, buy marijuana, and sell it to high school children, all the while paying nothing to get it?  

I'm sure marijuana has helpful medical effects. I'm not a doctor, but those who are have argued that cannabis can help with a number of diseases like glaucoma and cancer. I won't dispute what the experts tell me but does it have to be funded by government? If poor and homeless people "need" marijuana, why can't a private charity be set up to provide the funds necessary to cover the costs? It's not like it's a life-saving treatment that can save children and the terminally ill, it's marijuana and I'm sure some pro-cannabis group will have no problem providing some type of program that would run more efficiently than the government.'s just #thetruth.


  1. Free "medical" pot means more people will just sit home and get high. Don't have the government pay for this!!! Where is the outrage!?

  2. This would happen in a liberal city like Berkeley! First welfare, now weed!

  3. It shouldn't be subsidized the govt should be making money when its legalized across the state.