Monday, August 18, 2014

Who's Got de Blasio's Ear?

When you elect someone to public office, an office as high as either Mayor, Governor, or even President, that person always has special people close to them to aid and influence what they do.  

(Photo: NY Post)
Special advisers are a common thing in politics.

With a far-left liberal like Bill de Blasio in office now, you should take a closer look at who his special advisers and close friends are.

According to the New York Post, Mayor de Blasio speaks often with Reverend Al Sharpton, healthcare union boss George Gresham, and former aids to President Bill Clinton.

A source to the New York Post quoted,

"He’s engaged, but he’s not proactively making the city run. I just don’t think the guy has it in him.”

Mayor de Blasio apparently spoke for hours with George Gresham, including weighing the pros and cons to allow Al Sharpton to hold a rally over the Verrazano Bridge. Al Sharpton also has spoken to the mayor many times. Al Sharpton doesn't care too much for new Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and urged de Blasio to replace him. Mayor de Blasio said there is no way he is going to replace Commissioner Bratton to please the reverend. After Al Sharpton publicly went after the mayor about police racism and Eric Garner's death in Staten Island, we are not sure how close the two really are anymore. After Mayor de Blasio did not allow Al Sharpton to march over the Verrazano Bridge, he said he will not attend his march wherever it is held.

Reverend Al Sharpton has always been a pest, and was banned from City Hall while Mayor Giuliani was in office.

I don't know about you, but having Bill de Blasio as mayor is bad enough, I don't want Al Sharpton influencing anything in my town!

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  1. I think what is most disturbing about deBlasio's use of advisers is that there has been no product that has come from them. As you said, it is common for elected officials to have special advisers, but they (usually) are effective in helping said official craft a policy or a piece of legislation. Nothing has come from deBlasio's relationships, so it actually seems more like there is a dynamic of BdB's advisers TELLING him what to do, rather than advising him on what to do.