Monday, September 15, 2014

He Just Doesn't Get It

A disaster... (Photo:
The President spoke Wednesday about defeating ISIS, in his typical, monotone and expressionless voice. His speech looked forced, bland and very similar to Jimmy Carter's "Malaise Speech".

The guy looked disgusting!

He labeled this fight, not as a war against the enemies of America, but as a "counter-terrorism operation" like the one's we have seen in Somalia and Yemen. For those of you not aware, Somalia and Yemen are breeding grounds for terror. The U.S. engages in low-cost involvement type operations in these areas to "counter-terror." According to National Review, U.S. has special forces in Somalia, to fight back these sick animals who use a sick, twisted interpretation of Islam as a doctrine to take over the world. The result is pathetic.

Terrorist capabilities are still strong and those countries are very unstable. No American involvement directly has led to the growth of terror forces springing up around the region.

But what's more frightening is that Iraq is not Somalia or Yemen. ISIS has control of over 30% of both Syria and Iraq. The power vacuum President Bush warned about has allowed for these sick savages to take power, breeding a safe haven for terror communities, like Afghanistan was after the U.S.'s successful eradication of the Taliban.

He offered no hope. No resounding "fundamental transformation of America" this time around. Just a stump about he's going to tip-toe around the Islamic State. His plan is a good start, but we need leadership. Send the troops to Iraq  and let's blow away these fools once and for all. Helping the Iraqi army with our military is one possible solution. Send airstrikes into Syria and Iraq and arm the Free Syrian Army to help fight in Syria, with U.S. advisers there to help aid them.

They're beheading Christians, slaughtering non-believers and have killed two of our citizens. Where's Mr. Obama's anger towards this?

Anger...Mr. Obama only brings that out when he talks about his real enemy, Republicans.

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