Sunday, September 7, 2014

Help West Ukraine Now

His disrespect to the Ukrainian people is evident. Putin invaded and the world does nothing. Sanctions may seem like an effective punishment and they are, but for the West Ukrainians looking for help from the free world right now, there is nothing.

Mr. Obama is afraid. He's afraid of angering Putin. Afraid of his poll numbers dropping. Afraid of the Democratic leadership. As the leader of the Free World, the people of West Ukraine have asked for help from the President.

And we do nothing.

Russia invaded. They stole Crimea from Ukraine, lied about crossing the border and aiding the Eastern "separatists." Their sovereignty is under attack. As the leaders of freedom, how can the United States stand idly by when those longing for our protections are left out to dry?

Defeating Russian aggression will be tough, but a strategy must be forged quickly:

1. West Ukraine is looking for freedom. A chance to join the European Union and join the West. President George W. Bush wanted to, and rightfully so, expand NATO into Eastern Europe. This should be our priority. Bringing Ukraine into NATO creates a new backing for Ukraine and puts the international community behind a nation being ripped apart by bullies. Also, staging NATO military exercises in Poland and other Baltic States sends a message to Putin that we mean business.

2. Arming the West Ukrainians should be our next step. West Ukraine needs help and Russia knows this. Putin's arming the East Ukrainians in ways that undermine Ukrainian sovereignty as a whole. The Kremlin has denied any involvement in helping the East, slapping the Untied States and NATO in the face by denying our highly advanced spying technology as a video-game conspiracy tactic. They need weapons to fight back and with a short supply, the best way we can help freedom win this fight is by aiding the real freedom fighters.

3. Lastly, sending US and NATO advisers to Ukraine to help provide strategic capabilities to the West would boost their chance of holding back the invasion. We have already done this, so we've seen some type of leadership come out of the White House. Yet, as the recent ceasefire violated by East Ukrainian forces happened recently, it looks like the fighting will continue. The best way to ensure that West Ukrainian forces use these weapons in the most effective way possible is with a clear, defined military strategy. By sending advisers, West Ukraine becomes better equipped to fight a fairer fight against not just the East, but Russia itself.

You can check out this article and more by me on Wayne Dupree's website!

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