Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rob Ford's Reign is Over

It's been real.
Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, has decided to withdraw from the mayoral race.

Rob Ford withdrew mainly because of his health, after discovering a tumor.

But, Rob Ford will not be leaving government anytime soon! His nephew, Michael Ford, withdrew from his City Council seat to run for school trustee, so Rob will now run for that open seat in Etobicoke North. Also, Rob's brother, Doug Ford, will be running for Mayor. So Toronto may still have a Ford in City Hall next year!

As many know, Mayor Rob Ford has always been special to Vito and Vito and Brooklyn GOP Radio. Vito Palmeri nominated him for Buffoon of the Week many times, and even almost won Buffoon of the Year! The drugs, parties, and politics of Rob Ford has made him a spectacle. The amazing part is, for most of the time, Rob Ford had a higher approval rating than President Obama!

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