Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sarah Palin's Refreshing Solution

Sarah Palin speaking at the Values Voter Summit 2014
Sarah Palin came out with a bang at the 2014 Values Voter Summit bringing out her bold, no nonsense type of attitude that made her famous in the first place. She talked about a bright America, one where our President doesn't denounce the country in front of the world or brings up phony “race issues.” Instead, she talked about getting this nation back. She talked to the audience, her audience, in her loving, motherly, simple way.

The message: Don’t give up.

She didn't beat around the bush. Her finest moment of her speech was the need for Americans, not the government, to restore the American dream. A dream after six years of nightmare, is needed. 

My favorite line from her speech:
“We did not need this fundamental transformation of America…We need the fundamental restoration of all that is good and strong and free that made America so great.”

She told us, in that line, how to win back the White House. She told us in that line, how to win back the People...


A restoration in the values that made this country great. Hard work, family, sacrifice, we know what they are, we just don’t wear them anymore. We know why America is so great, so exceptional, we just run from it. Mr. Obama talks about Ferguson and takes barking orders from Putin. He listens to the DNC more than he does the People. He changes the subject and re-writes history. He does little in Iraq as ISIS slaughters thousands. He fights Republicans in Congress more than the enemies of America. He was elected on hope (false hope, but a veil of it). He has blamed his predecessor and still does for his problems and sees the U.S. as the “problem” and is “unfair” to the world.

Sticking it to the left, to her enemies, her haters and the President, she didn't promise a “transformation” into a more collective society. She didn't mention a society where those at the top are punished for their success and are forced to give up more in the name of “social justice” nor did she talk about the “war on women “or the “war on poverty” or some other category, as Mark Levin put it, “the totalitarian left” wants to group us in.

Instead, she spoke how she felt. Her love for this country was real as Obama’s blanket disrespect to our troops with his “latte salute”. She cares and wants America to be better. She speaks with passion and enthusiasm. She’s genuine and above all, honest. Palin never talked about having the party deviate away from their values. Instead, she told us to embrace them, stand firm on them and be honest with the American People. Like George W. Bush said about himself and his media gaffs, “I’m no Shakespeare.” While Sarah may not be Shakespeare, she’s definitely passionate and holds the key to how conservatives can win the country back.

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