Monday, September 1, 2014

Strategies for ISIS
"We don't have a strategy yet."

Good job President Obama! Vacation is over and President Obama is back in the White House. No strategies to deal with ISIL in Iraq yet, but I have a few he could consider.

1. Bomb ISIL.

The United States could continue airstrikes. But ISIL have threatened to kill the other hostages they have, who are U.S. citizens, like reporter James Foley. If the United States do bomb ISIL in Iraq, they have to annihilate them, not just contain. President Obama wants to contain these animals, but we have to finish them off because they are a threat to the national security of this country. Kill them before they have a chance to kill one of our own.

2. Arm the rebels.

The United States could arm the moderate rebels. President Obama could send financial aid to rebels and the Iraqi government. He could also send weapons. This could also be a dangerous move, as we've seen from the 1980's and Bin Laden. But this situation is probably a safer risk, dealing with the Iraqi government.

3. More Allies' Support

The United States could get more allies on board against ISIL. Obama could re-instate the "War on Terror." Instead of having the United States lead the charge, President Obama could almost wipe his hands clean and have another nation take action, he could rally other countries. The U.S. could be the motivators, the coach, almost like cheerleaders with a gun. England is involved and Germany is discussing if they will get more involved. If President Obama could push these countries and could get more nations involved, it could help avoid disaster and could save lives and money.

President Obama, after withdrawing troops a few years ago, cannot, and will not, send more troops to Iraq. It will make him look like a fool and the Democrats would lose all support come elections. After all, all President Obama cares about is elections! The last thing America needs is another war.

Only Obama could lose a war the United States already won.

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