Friday, September 19, 2014

The Conservative

Mr. Conservative - Barry Goldwater

The Conservative is someone who understands the individual, who respects the individual's rights to his property, life and happiness. The populist theme of "collectivism" is often used as the answer to society's problems when, through history, it has proven to destroy man's individual spirit and treat him as if he is apart of the government's property.  Karl Marx is taught in sociology and philosophy courses around the world and hailed as a brilliant thinker who knew how to solve "social conflict" between the "classes" by abolishing property rights, abandoning private ownership and exposing the "exploitation of the proletariat class."


The Conservative knows all to well what it means when the left uses terms like "social conflict" and "inequality." They manipulative the conversation, play on emotion and run over logic. The left has no set of principles, no foundation of a philosophy, a way of thinking, at how the country should run. They look, as Thomas Sowell put's it, for "solutions in a world of trade-offs" and neglect to see that man is, ultimately, flawed.

Thorough this, freedom and liberty has proven to be the best way for man to live. Allow him to pursue his own self-interest, allow him to develop his own meaning to life without the interference of government. The challenges of our families, ourselves, our work and our desires need not to be interfered with "society's" problems. A society is made up of individuals, each creating a story of their own. When the left collectively lumps individuals into "classes" (poor, middle, 1%, bourgeoisie, proletariat, etc.) they create a problem and a division that distracts those individuals from continuing on creating their own success. They sacrifice their own determination to focus on "social problems."

At the root of all life's effects there is a cause. Something has to put in motion for you to get up in the morning, to go to work, to study, to do it again the next day. That is our drive. Our drive to look after our families and to look after ourselves. We hold, as individuals, things we deem important. We are self-interested.

It is this that the Conservative understands.  

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