Sunday, October 12, 2014

Obama's Indecisiveness Threatens World Security

U.S. air strikes are not working as ISIS has deployed over 10,000 militants to fight on two fronts. Now, ISIS is making their way towards Baghdad and Kobani, fighting on two fronts. Kurdish fighters have been desperately trying to hold off ISIS fighters, but with supply shortages and no additional military back up aside from coalition airstrikes, the Kurds look like they’re in a lot of trouble. Baghdad encompasses everything Iraq. It is the capital and is at risk of falling to terrorists.

Yes, the same terrorists President Barack Obama called a “JV team." The same terrorists the President underestimated.

If Iraq falls to ISIS, we would have no one else to blame. The ignorance of the American People, (those who voted for Obama) President Obama himself, and our allies. ISIS is on the move and President Obama’s indecisiveness is killing us. As I write this, I am angry and you should be too. ISIS doesn’t care for us. Our nation is being spit at by blood thirsty Muslim extremists who hate democracy and freedom. They want to establish a caliphate and destroy anyone who is against them. Our way of life is a threat to ISIS and they want to destroy every bit of western civilization to pursue their radical, sick, backwards agenda.

Could this have been avoided? Yes. We could have kept troops in Iraq, a residual force, and our intelligence and military personnel would have been better able to spot these freaks from breaching the borders of Syria and Iraq. Instead, to score political points, the President has jeopardized American national security by failing to keep residual forces. He also failed to read his daily briefings on ISIS and is doing nothing to stop them now.

To think this is no big deal and that we should have “never been there in the first place” is foolish. If you believe this, then you believe that the world was better with Saddam Hussein in power in Iraq, slaughtering and gassing his own people, possibly developing nuclear weapons and aiding terrorists.

We won Iraq and now it is in jeopardy.

The President doesn’t want to call this a war, but that’s what ISIS has waged. We’re in trouble as a nation. Our national security is being threatened, the lives of American soldiers who died in Iraq are being cast aside and Obama does nothing. Leaders of Iraq's Anbar province have asked for U.S. special forces and the Kurds, the people who are asking for Western help, are being neglected as they are struggling to hold Kobani. All the while Baghdad, the center of Iraq, is close to falling.

Like LBJ's cheesy campaign commercials against Goldwater, "the stakes are high."

Except this not cheesy. The world is in jeopardy.

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