Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pro-Life Panel Gets Stumped at Values Voter Summit 2014

Rep. Marilyn Musgrave
During the breakout session on Saturday during the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C., I went to check out Pro-Life Battleground 2014: A Look Toward Election Day. It was hosted by Marilyn Musgrave, Vice-President for Government Affairs, SBA List; Tami Fitzgerald, North Carolina State Director, Women Speak Out; and Carlyle Gregory, President of Carlyle Gregory Company.

A poll released by Politico shows that 70% of voters in key battleground states say that the issue of abortion is "very important" or "important" in deciding which candidate they'll vote for. Since polls show the GOP has a good chance of taking back the Senate, it makes sense the few key seats in doing so are in fairly Republican districts.

Tami Fitzgerald spoke mainly about polls and Thom Tillis, the Republican candidate, who is pro-life, running against Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan, who is extremely pro-chose, in North Carolina. Kay Hagan and some other liberals across the country are proudly, and disgustingly, favoring late-term abortions and support government funding it.

The panel spoke about how to win an abortion debate with a liberal and pulled up many polls and stats showing many Americans are actually pro-life. I tweeted about the polls and stirred up a few arguments challenging the statistics. Carlyle Gregory said that every single politician in today's world must entertain the abortion topic at some point, it's inevitable.

Somebody on the panel mentioned how the government is funding abortions and that it is wrong. It is clearly wrong, but that statement isn't entirely true.

There is the Hyde Amendment.

This is when I stood up and asked a question to the panel. I asked,

"Would you like to see the Hyde Amendment become permanent law, not just a rider. And would you like to see the amendment expand to cover cases of rape and incest?"

They all looked at each other in silence. Marilyn Musgrave did not say a word. Tami Fitzgerald said she's "a local girl" and my favorite answer, Carlyle Gregory said,
Carlyle Gregory

"I'm a politician, I can't answer that."

Can't answer my question? Carlyle, a few moments ago, said that every politician in today's world must talk about abortion. The Hyde Amendment is a major factor at the federal level. Don't bring up federal funding if you can't answer a question about it.

And what does being a politician have to do with it? Politicians are the ones who created the amendment! Politicians must be able to answer legitimate questions on issues, especially on issues they themselves bring up!

I stumped the panel!

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  1. Mr. Gregory just showed himself to be a complete hypocrite. He couldn't answer the question moments after stating all politicians must answer it at some point. It is an issue that must be discussed. That's the problem. People like him go around things all the time. Late term abortion is disgusting. If you're going to get an abortion get it in the early stages. That was a great question Vito.