Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sen. Elizabteh Warren's Bogus Claims

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Photo:

The feminists are out and leading the charge is none other than America's wackiest Senator and potential 2016 Democrat Presidential candidate.

According to CNN, Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said she has been "treated differently" because she is a women in the Senate.

Senator Warren was asked if she had been treated differently since being elected to the U.S. Senate. She said "yes" and when asked to elaborate she followed up with a compelling, intelligent and resounding answer.


Mrs. Warren then went on to talk about how she wishes this was "surprising", saying how it was not uncommon for women to be treated differently in the "male dominated institution." She later went on to say just how happy she is that "enough women are in the United States Senate to bring change."

Now I can't say with certainty that Mrs. Warren is over blowing this, but her unwillingness to comment on the "different treatment" she is receiving in the Senate should really give us the answer here.

Is Senator Warren being pinched on the behind while walking on the Senate floor like in Mad Men episodes?

I highly doubt so.

It is not unusual for the left to play the victim card. Elizabeth Warren plays the Feminist Card, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson play the Race Card and just about every one on the left that I've spoken to, read or listened to play the Inequality Card. If Mrs. Warren was such a powerful voice for women's rights, then why won't she talk about and call out those who "treat her differently" in the Senate because she is a woman. Maybe the only reason she is "treated differently" is because she subscribes to Socialist-friendly ideology, a big government, "you didn't build that" liberal mentality that attacks businesses and individuality and would rather focus on collectivism. She's just making claims that have no evidence or credibility and expecting her people to follow.

Mark my words, Obama has opened the door to the new left and Mrs.Warren might very well be the 2016 Democratic Party nominee.

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