Monday, November 3, 2014

Decision 2014: Inside the Colorado Senate Race

Rep. Cory Gardner (R)
One of the few states that could determine which party controls the Senate is Colorado. A democrat stronghold in Colorado since Obama took office in 2009, Senator Mark Udall is now facing a tough re-election campaign against Republican challenger Cory Gardner.

Colorado has a large growing Hispanic and young population. If Gardner, who is leading the polls at the moment, pulls out a win, it shows a campaign that outlines how the GOP could be able to continue to win races in the future of America. The future is filled with more Hispanics and the youth, two demographics Republicans have struggled to win over, but may do so in Colorado. Doing so may consequently win over the Senate.

Senator Mark Udall (D)

Many have said Cory Gardner is one of the best candidates in the country, giving Udall a tough fight this election season. Cory represents Colorado's 4th Congressional District. He defeated Democrat incumbent Betsy Markey in 2010 and is looking to defeat another strong Democrat incumbent. In the House, Gardner is on the House Education Committee, House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee and the Legislative Council.

Mark Udall previously represented Colorado's 2nd Congressional District from 1999 until becoming Senator in 2009. He is the son of former Congressman Morris Udall and is related to politicians Tom Udall and Mike Lee. In the Senate, Udall serves in the Committee on Armed Services and Committee of Energy and Natural Resources and is the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Strategic Forces and of the Subcommittee on National Parks.

My prediction and all the issues are below.

Mark Udall is very big on a woman's right to choose. He voted to allow minors to travel from state to state to have an abortion and vote for partial-birth abortions. He also voted in favor of UN funding of population control plans.
Mark has voted countless times with President Obama, including on stimulus and economic reform bills.
He also supports civil unions and says it is a state's decision on gay marriage and wants to re-introduce the Equal Rights Amendment.
He is a proponent for medical marijuana, which is important since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana this past year.
Mark Udall is against having "God" in the Pledge of Allegiance and fights for more government money for universities at the state level.
He is also against Voter ID.

Cory Gardner is pro-life and wants the federal government out of the abortion debate.
Cory supports a Balanced Budget Amendment.
He is against same-sex marriage and has voted for the Defense of Marriage Act.
Cory wants to spend over $110 million to teach abstinence in schools.
He wants to repeal ObamaCare and voted with the Ryan Budget.
He also wants to secure our borders and does not agree with a Pathway to Citizenship.
Gardner supports a single-rate tax code.

I believe Gardner has to continue to connect Obama's failures with Mark Udall. Every Democrat in office has contributed to the Obama administration's countless failures. Voting in 2016 will probably be different than this midterm election in Colorado, and I think Cory Gardner will hold on to his lead in the polls and win, greatly helping the GOP flip the Senate.

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