Sunday, December 28, 2014

NYPD Responds to Mayor de Blasio

The NYPD turning their backs on Mayor de Blasio at Officer Ramos' funeral service Saturday
Saturday morning was Officer Ramos' funeral. Thousands showed up including Vice President Joe Biden, Mayor de Blasio, NYPD Police Commissioner Bratton and tons of New Yorkers who were out to show respect for the senseless, race-baiting death of Officer Ramos and Liu last week.

At the event, New York City Police Officers, watching the memorial service on projectors outside, turned their backs on de Blasio as he began to speak. 


It wasn't long until the cities P.C. police and de Blasio supporters swooped in and began condemning the NYPD's behavior as"tasteless" and "inappropriate." The Mayor has repeatedly called for coming together in a time like this and has said that now is not the time for political rhetoric

I'm tired of hearing how the NYPD was "acting tasteless" when they turned their back on the Mayor. 

I don't blame them.

The Mayor has publicly called our police department racist and has shunned New York's finest, sparking these ridiculous protests. The Mayor ran on Sunday talk shows and began blaming the NYPD policies for the death of Eric Garner in an attempt to bolster his political career and to show he's the person who could fix what the Left calls "racist" policing. "Compromising" with the Mayor to "kiss and make up" would be ridiculous. Until Mayor de Blasio starts treating his officers with respect instead of sending them to a 3 day "sensitivity" courses to appease Al Sharpton, I don't see why our boys and girls in blue should have to hide how they feel about the Mayor. 

I find it ironic that the Left, which is all about "protesting the system" and "free speech" can march and scream about "dead cops" while under the protection of the NYPD, but the Police Department can't turn their backs on a mayor which has labeled police polices and officers in New York as racist?

Why should the NYPD have to be the ones to mend the fences that de Blasio has broken? 

The Police Department did nothing wrong. They didn't start this ridiculous race war nor did their public statements lead to the deaths of two officers. These fools marching all over my city make no sense. They have no clear goal and no idea of what they want. The protests have been tied to radical movements and big-government; liberal politicians have embraced them. However, unlike these morons running around chanting "no justice, no peace", the police department of New York City turned their back on the man that has allowed this problem to grow. Showing their discontent with their boss, the police department turned their back on his words and his agenda. They didn't turn their backs on Officer Ramos' family. 

These people defending the Mayor, hating police officers and looking to have "dead cops" have no clue the kind of sacrifice these men and women put on the line everyday when they step on the streets. They serve and protect New Yorkers. Taking police officers out of bad neighborhoods with high crime, regardless of race make up, would put thousands of lives in jeopardy.

The NYPD was not acting tasteless or disrespectful. They didn't hit, incite or riot. They turned around.

Something Mayor de Blasio did first on the Police Department.

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