Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Obamacare Helps Illegal Immigrants Secure Jobs!

(Photo: Forbes) "This is the most transparent administration in history"- President Obama

Remember when the President said ObamaCare wouldn't cover illegal immigrants...

The Washington Times is reporting that ObamaCare would give a $3,000 incentive to business owners to hire illegal immigrants:

President Obama’s temporary amnesty, which lasts three years, declares up to 5 million illegal immigrants to be lawfully in the country and eligible for work permits, but it still deems them ineligible for public benefits such as buying insurance on ObamaCare’s health exchanges.
Under the Affordable Care Act, that means businesses who hire them won’t have to pay a penalty for not providing them health coverage - making them $3,000 more attractive than a similar native-born worker, whom the business by law would have to cover.
Obama's executive amnesty would protect illegal immigrants for three years and, according to the President's signature health care law, exempt businesses from paying $3,000 if they hire an illegal immigrant as opposed to a native born worker. 
It doesn't matter where you stand on the issue of immigration, Obama's executive amnesty is an abuse of power, an overreach, sets terrible precedent for the next President and now, coupled with the President's healthcare law, has American citizens fighting upstream against the  illegal workers not based on skill, but on government protected status.
If this isn't a slap in the face to blue-collar, hardworking Americans, I don't know what is. 

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