Friday, January 30, 2015

CUNY's New Non-Gender Policy

Now this is just ridiculous...

The Graduate Center at the City University of New York (CUNY) released a memo telling staffers not to address students as "Mr.", "Ms." or "Mrs." beginning this spring according to National Review.

CUNY, the public university system in New York City, which is known to house some the craziest left-wing kooks around like Professor Francis Fox Piven (yes, the same women who devised the Cloward-Piven strategy), Professor Sandor John, the Hunter College professor who staged a protest against Gen. David Petraeus when he told his students to protest Petraeus' appearance because the General is "a death squad organizer and somebody who organized drone attacks."

I could go on...

CUNY's goal here is to “ensure a respectful, welcoming and gender-inclusive learning environment...and to accommodate properly the diverse population of current and prospective students."

Keep in mind that those on the Left, in there nice, comfy, subsidized offices, consider gender to be "socially constructed." Sociologists consider your sex as what you are born as and your gender as what society labels you. No where in any of this is the individual consulted as to what he/she/it is.

A true conservative believes in freedom. If an individual wants to live their life as a women, a man, both, whatever, let them knock themselves out. As long as they don't hurt anybody, steal or violate others rights, I don't see the problem with individuals pursuing their own happiness, living their own lives and being free.

That said, when institutions begin to stop calling people 'Mr." and "Mrs." in the name of erasing the differences of gender, it's getting a little ridiculous. Men and women are different biologically. If you would like to be called "Mrs." tell me, and I'll accommodate you. But to make this a blanket strategy across the the whole university system is just crazy.

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