Thursday, January 22, 2015

N-Word Equals "Illegals"?

It's the law!
The Santa-Barbara News-Press wrote an article about illegal immigrants.

Here's the problem: they called illegal immigrants "illegal immigrants."

The paper ran the headline "Illegals Line Up for Driver's Licenses" on January 3, sparking protests that led to messages painted in red on the walls on the newspaper's offices. The paper used the term again last Friday in another front page story reading "Driving Legal Opens Door to Illegals' Past."

The controversy is that calling illegals "illegals" hurts their feelings.

Illegals have feelings too, you know!

According to,

"They have a racist perspective and they don't seem very apologetic about it," said Savanah Maya, a Santa Barbara City College student and member of People Organizing for the Defense and Equal Rights of Santa Barbara Youth.

"When I saw that word in the Santa Barbara newspaper, it had so much painful baggage for me," said Abigail Salazar, 20, a student at UC Santa Barbara who said her mother was deported to Mexico nearly five years ago after being in the United States without legal permission.

I spoke to Julia DiBernardo, 20, a student at UC Santa Barbara who said the whole situation is "blown out of proportion."

"Fact check: they have crossed our border, breaking the law. It's just idiotic."

Also, calling illegal immigrants "illegals" is comparable to "the 'N-word' for blacks," as Santa Barbara City Councilwoman Cathy Murillo alleges.

Common sense and logic may lead you to ask yourself, how is that racist?

It is not racist to call someone who is an illegal immigrant "illegal." That has nothing to do with race.

How in the world can you actually compare the "n-word" to "illegal immigrant"?

Somebody who came to this country illegally is not here legally; they broke the nation's laws, they are technically a criminal. It is common sense and not insulting. If you find it insulting, maybe you should become a legal citizen!


  1. This absolutely ridiculous! People are too sensitive these days.

  2. "Common sense and logic may lead you to ask yourself, how is that racist?"
    Many people do not have common sense; which makes me wonder - how common is it?
    And as for logic, well, some people's logic simply eludes me!