Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Delete in Case of Tea Party

NYC New Municipal ID Card
New York City's new municipal ID program, aimed at illegal immigrants, allows for personal info provided by applicants to be destroyed by December 31, 2016 in case a conservative Republican wins the White House and demands the data.

City Councilman Carlos Menchaca (D-Brooklyn) said,

“In case a Tea Party Republican comes into office and says, ‘We want all of the data from all of the municipal ID programs in the country,’ we’re going to take the data."

Mayor de Blasio
In order to get an ID, residents must provide their names, addresses, aliases, dates of birth and other information, making it easy for the feds to identify undocumented immigrants. Since last month, already over 200,000 appointments have been made for the cards.

First of all, giving municipal ID to illegals is just ridiculous. The taxpayers of New York City should not be paying for this.

Secondly, the Democrats should not be protecting the illegals from deportation. They are directly giving illegals a chance to hide from the law-biding conservatives who may take the White House in 2016. It's a sneaky political move knowing most illegal immigrants who become legal citizens will most likely vote Democrat in the future. However, we have laws that need to be followed for a reason. We cannot have the United States with open borders; it's unsafe and we can't support a flood of millions of people from around the world.

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