Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Case For War

What strategy?

President Obama announced yesterday that he is seeking "limited" ground troops for his fight against ISIS and an updated Authorization of Military Force.

The President announced he wants a limited engagement in the fight against ISIS and that he is going to primarily focus on airstrikes and supplying local fighters. The President said he doesn't want another "ground war" and that the Authorization would expire after three years, passing the buck along to the next President.

Those fighting in the region right now are under stress from the forces of ISIS. The terror group has gained ground in Syria and has demolished the border between Iraq and Syria, despite U.S. led airstrikes in the region.

With President Obama tip toeing around the issue of whether to go to war or not, the death cult known as ISIS continues to make headwinds and is attracting up to 20,000 foreign fighters.

What do we need to do?

First the Congress of the United States should pass an Authorization of Military Force granting the President the authority to deploy troops into the region in order to fight these animals. The President has to be bold and call for an all out war against terror. Whether the nation wants it or not, ISIS poses a grave threat to our safety. With the President in limbo in terms of what he wants to do, the White House and Pentagon must develop a strategy capable of defeating ISIS in a one shot, powerful show of force against those who want to kill us.

The U.S. should gather support in the region, putting together a coalition force in the same manner George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush did in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq and Kuwait, respectfully. The United States should plan on then leading the coalition in a direct move into ISIS controlled territory, which should be outlined in the Authorization for Military Force. The President should work with Kurdish, Turkish and Jordanian forces to secure some support while at the same time working alongside local fighters in the region to help combat the enemy. The U.S. should work with the Iraqi government, helping them establish just what they need.

If the President is serious about war, he's going to have to develop a serious plan. No more excusing terror, ignoring radical Islam and watching ISIS grow. We can't send a few troops or plan a three year trip like the President is proposing. We need a strong leader who's willing to stand up against evil by using any means necessary to bring to justice the killers in the Middle East. Prominent military leaders said it themselves, boots on the ground is what is needed to defeat ISIS. Upping airstrikes and only aiding other countries won't cut it. We need American leadership with a strong Commander in Chief.

The question President Obama that leader?

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