Thursday, March 26, 2015

5 Reasons Why Ted Cruz Can't Be President...Debunked!


Ted Cruz, my pick for 2016, threw his hat in the race for president on Monday and already he's receiving flack. Attacks from both those on the left and the right claim that Cruz is a hypocrite, not qualified, inexperienced and crazy. One of the most principled and honest politicians in Washington, Cruz is no Barack Obama, no party politician and no Washington insider. I've heard these arguments all week; it's time to put these to rest and rally behind a courageous conservative.

1. "He wasn't born in America."

Ted Cruz was born in Alberta, Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father. Because his mother was an American citizen, Cruz was born with American citizenship. Baby Cruz was born with both American and Canadian citizenship and later revoked his Canadian citizenship a couple of years ago. Cruz is a "natural-born citizen", on par with the Constitution's requirements for those seeking the presidency. 

He didn't undergo a naturalization process. 

He's eligible. 


For a more in-depth legal explanation of Cruz's eligibility for President, click here to listen to Mark Levin's defense of Cruz.

2. "He's signing up for ObamaCare."

Yes it's true. Ted Cruz is going on the federal ObamaCare exchanges in order to obtain health insurance for his family. How can somebody who made his career fighting the president's signature law take part in it? Isn't he a hypocrite? No. The only reason Cruz is using ObamaCare is because the law requires him to have health insurance and the only way members of Congress can access insurance is through the federal exchanges. Cruz's wife is taking a leave of absence from her job over at Goldman Sachs, a job in which the Cruz family were able to receive their health insurance through. Now, the Cruz family has decided to get health insurance through Papa Cruz's job, as a U.S. Senator. In order for Cruz to get health insurance, he needs to gain insurance through the federal exchanges.

Cruz said "I strongly oppose the exemption that President Obama illegally put in place for members of Congress because (Senate Minority Leader) Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats didn't want to be under the same rules as the American people...I believe we should follow the text of the law." 

So although Ted Cruz might disagree with ObamaCare, that doesn't mean he'll just ignore the law. Here's a major difference that distinguishes President Obama from Ted Cruz. Cruz respects the rule, unlike President Obama, by evidence of his refusal to follow our current immigration laws. 

3. He's inexperienced. He hasn't led anything in the Senate." 

This is ridiculous. Ted Cruz has been the leader in the Tea Party caucus fighting for fiscal responsibility in Washington. He's led the fight against ObamaCare, the debt ceiling increase, the President's unconstitutional amnesty, and rubber stamping the nomination of  radical leftist to positions the president has recommended. He's a defender of the Constitution and has shown that he respects the rule of law. As for passing things in the Senate, keep in mind the most conservative member in the Senate had to deal with Harry Reid as Senate Majority
Leader. With Cruz in the minority, Reid's leadership style can characterized as uncompromising, as even moderate Republican bills wouldn't make it to the floor. Over 300 House bills sat on Reid's desk. To say that Cruz didn't stand for anything, that he didn't try to stop bad legislation or did nothing in the Senate is hogwash. Is not Cruz's fault, nor the Tea Party's that President Obama, Harry Reid and the Democrats were uncompromising.

4. "He's like President Obama, a one term Senator." 

Cruz's Senate record is completely different than Obama's. In an interview with Megan Kelly, Cruz said that he was no "back-bencher" in the Senate like President Obama was. Instead of following his party at every step of the turn, Cruz defied his party time and time again, standing on principle and not backing down. Obama's leadership style can be defined in one word, political. He is, arguably, the most political president this country has ever seen. From Osama bin Laden to the removal of troops in Iraq, Obama's decision making process has been one that looks first towards political opinion and the DNC rather than what the country really needs. Obama has been known to spend his hours fundraising and golfing, taking time to further his political dynasty and might as opposed to fulfilling his job as president. He doesn't call "radical Islam" for what it is, out of political correctness and political support, he doesn't want to fight ISIS for fear of angering the left, his decision to remove troops from Iraq, even though top generals told him not to, was based purely on politics to help him win re election in 2012, his decision to trade five of the world's worst terrorists for one deserter, was based on scoring political points and his decision to open trade with communist Cuba was to bolster himself as the president who ended the embargo. Cruz, on the other hand, doesn't look to build his party up. Cruz is one of the few in the Senate who refuses to look at his favoriability rating as a measure in determining policy. Instead, Cruz has done things both popular and unpopular in his quest to change the path this country is on, regardless of what the media, the left or the establishment say about him.

5. "How can he win? He's too extreme."

The Tea Party started in 2010 as a movement of dedicated conservatives looking to stop the out of control spending of both the Bush administration and the Obama administration. What started as concerned citizens rinsing up to fight the Washington establishment, those in the Tea Party have changed the face of the Republican party from one that proclaims "smart government" to one that stands for  "less government." The Tea Party has awakened debate on issues ranging from constitutional amendments, our system of government and our fiscal debacle. Cruz is going to have argue that the Tea Party is not an extreme movement, but a movement dedicated to assembling and resurrecting the Reagan brand of conservatism that helped revitalize this country in the 1980's. Cruz is looking to assemble a coalition of conservatives, libertarians, republicans, evangelicals and Reagan Democrats in a fight for a better America. A group constantly left out of the race, the social conservative vote, is a vote Cruz is looking to embrace. Unlike others in the party who have shun this voting block, Cruz is looking to get enough people of faith to the polls, a wing of the party that's worthy enough of fighting back against the "moderate" establishment.

He's going to need to show that he can raise money, but his $1 million dollars he raised in just 24 hours after announcing his candidacy for the presidency and the recent interest that Silicon Valley libertarians have shown towards Cruz just might be what's needed to get him to the top. He's competing for the libertarian, Tea Party and social conservative wings of the party; and with all those three all out in support of him, Cruz just might be the Reagan candidate needed to defeat the establishment wing of the party. A more detailed explanation of a possible Cruz strategy was in Washington Post. There's concern about how can he win in swing states like Wisconsin and Florida. The answer is simple. Bold colors, unapologetic conservatism and solutions is what needed for Senator Cruz to become President Cruz.


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