Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Best of CPAC 2015 (Hot Tub Not Included)

Don't Tread On Me!
Aside from the epic Steve Stockman's Hot Tub Time Machine Party 2, presented by Blog Bash Best in Show winners Behind Enemy Lines and Vito and Vito, we got some amazing interviews and met so many great people. You can see all of the pictures from CPAC and more on our instagram.

Vito and Vito have interviews galore! First, we have presidential candidate, grassroots favorite, Dennis Michael Lynch.

Next up is Ambassador John Bolton, who leaked some 2016 information you may want to hear.

We also had an exclusive interview with former NRA Director David Keene and founder of Tea Party Nation Judson Phillips!

 We also had an exclusive interview with controversial street artist SABO! We asked what influenced him to create a "pimped-out" Ted Cruz and "Abortion-Barbie"!

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