Sunday, April 26, 2015

Give This Pig What He Deserves



Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the Boston Bombers, was found guilty on every count brought against him and is now at the discretion of the jury as to whether he lives or dies.

People like this make me sick.

This guy killed innocent people as a result of his actions. He didn't care if he slaughtered people, he didn't care if he ruined families, he didn't care if he ended lives. All this monster cared about is Jihad and fighting a war in which those who do not agree with this tyranny die. 

It's a sick lifestyle. One that truly defines terrorism. To scare and provoke fear in people. His willingness to run around willing killing others and himself for 72 virgins is something out of a South Park skit and the fact that he's not the only one is troubling. He's a monster and deserves the harshest punishment.

A photo was released of this punk in 2013 in his cell block holding the middle finger up at a camera. His emptiness, lack of remorse and complete disregard for life should be noted when the jurors make their decision as to keep this animal alive or not. He's stone faced, nonchalantly coasting through life as he mocks our system of justice and principles we live by. Back home, this freak is considered a hero for his actions, as he celebrated in the streets as a man of virtue. His own mother recently came out and claimed that it was "America's fault" for the problems in the world as she proclaimed that her son was a "good boy."

These people are disgusting. 

Give this pig what he deserves. As Americans, we shouldn't sit by while this fool masquerades our country, takes advantage of our justice system and is hailed as a hero back in his home country by his family. He's sick and deserves the death penalty. Let's send a message. People like this won't be housed in our jails, paid for by our tax dollars and be given a platform for interviews with newscasters looking to hear "his side." If Obama won't send a message to radical Islam, let's see our justice system do it.


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