Wednesday, April 8, 2015

'Hillary' is Sexist

I'm not "Ready for Hillary"
There's Beyonce, Cher, Madonna, Vito, and even Hillary.

I always thought being known by your first name is an achievement; a compliment. Not quite, apparently.

“I think it’s pretty unjust,” said Monica Warek, 23, “I think it shows the level of inequality that still exists in the workforce and just in general in society.”

I have a few problems with this.

Everybody knows Cher!
First of all, this is not sexist, or unjust in anyway. Hillary Clinton is so recognizable in American society - she was a Senator from New York, former First Lady and Secretary of State. Her husband, Bill, was one of the most popular Presidents in modern history. People know who I'm talking about when I say "Hillary."

Secondly, she started this herself! Her supporters have bumper stickers and accessories that read "Ready for Hillary". There's even a hashtag just for her: #Hillary (We have one too: #VitoandVito)

Just Google her first name and she pops up immediately.

Online, many people are interviewing and asking "professionals" and professors, "...why do people call her 'Hillary'?" It doesn't take a brain surgeon. Why do we call Beyonce Knowles-Carter just Beyonce? Why do we call Barack Obama Barack or Barry? Why do we call Vito, Vito?

Maybe people say it's to distinguish between her and her husband. Some say it makes her more personable. Because when I think "

Hillary" I think "average American."

Remember, Hillary and Bill were broke poor after they left the White House! She said so herself.

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