Friday, April 24, 2015

Muslims Heckle Genocide Victim at Pam Geller Event in NYC

Pamela Geller
Wednesday night Pamela Geller gave a speech at the student center in Brooklyn College.

Pamela Geller is a blogger and political activist. She is best known for advocating against jihad and radical Islam, especially in New York. Recently, Pamela financed anti-jihadist ads in New York City, which was very controversial and went to court. The federal judge ruled in her favor arguing her freedom of speech.

In the beginning of her speech, Pamela Geller said it is rare that she or fellow activists get to speak at college campuses. Geller explained that she ran anti-jihad ads to counter the anti-Israel ads she saw around the country. She spoke that she had to sue to get ads run and this was sad because we live in the United States and are protected by the First Amendment. The audience laughed at this.

One lady spoke up and explained that she is Muslim and her husband is Jewish and she survived a genocide years ago. She thanked Pamela. The crowd up roared and started to laugh and heckle her. They kept shouting and wouldn't let her ask her question. She said to the crowd, "If you're so brave, I want your heads on a platter." The crowd erupted by chanting, "That's a threat." The room become chaotic and disruptive.

Geller said the crowd should be ashamed of themselves for heckling and laughing at a genocide survivor.

The woman asked Pamela to never stop fighting radical Islam. "Never." she replied.

See below for exclusive audio of the outrage.

Brooklyn College made a mockery of the speech and disrespected her. The whole audience made fools of themselves. One student asked how she felt about Zayn leaving One Direction. One lady asked how she felt about Lebron returning to Cleveland. The audience heckled her and even those who had questions. The audience did not take her seriously and completely missed the point of her speech. I am here to say that I, as a Brooklyn College student, am not like the rest on my campus. I am not disrespectful of others who don't agree with me. I agree with Pamela Geller. We need to stand up for freedom of speech. Regardless of your views, if you disagree with someone, don't be disrespectful. Act like an adult. But these students are still children.

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