Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ted Cruz Rallies Crowd at FITN

Sen. Ted Cruz speaking in New Hampshire
Ted Cruz, the final speaker at the Republican Leadership Summit in Nashua, NH, ended the event with his fiery energy and comments with ISIS and Loretta Lynch on Saturday.

"The Obama administration is so bad", he told the all-Republican crowd, "that the final 20 months of its second term will be like Lord of the Flies.”

“If only the terrorists attacked a golf course,” Cruz continued, “that might actually get the White House’s attention,” he joked.

In regards to ISIS, Cruz said to a huge crowd that the only way to defeat them is with an aggressive approach in which “we will destroy them.”

“We need a commander-in-chief who says the objective is not to weaken, not to degrade ISIS, but to utterly and completely destroy ISIS using overwhelming air power directed at taking out ISIS in every location and by arming the Kurds, our long time allies who are on the ground.”

“ISIS is using American military equipment they seized in Iraq — and the Obama administration refused to fund the Kurds and sends weaponry to Baghdad, which won’t pass it onto the Kurds.”
On the vote regarding Loretta Lynch to replace Eric Holder for Attorney General, Cruz directly stated his vote “is going to be unambiguously no”, which drew loud applause from the audience. Cruz explained his reasoning for not voting for Lynch, which is due to her partisan views and the fact that she will not enforce any constitutional limits on the power of the president.

When questioning Lynch on the Senate Committee floor, Cruz said he asked Lynch whether she would support Obama’s amnesty orders. “She said, ‘absolutely yes.’” Continuing on, Cruz explained that when he asked Lynch “Are any limits to this executive amnesty?” She refused to answer these questions or acknowledge any limits of the president’s authority.

Cruz praised New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who, like Cruz, was also one of the 47 Senate Republicans who signed a letter to Iran’s leader warning of the nuclear deal negotiated by the United States.

In regards to the letter, Cruz mocked Democrats who called that letter a slap in Obama’s face and a political vulnerability for the 47 signers. Cruz said the framework of the Obama deal negotiated with Iran was a “historic mistake.”

“My only regret is like John Hancock; that I didn’t make my signature bigger,” he said with bravado, bringing more cheers. “So the Ayatollah can read it, without his reading glasses!”

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