Monday, June 15, 2015

Jesus Christ = Bernie Sanders?

I have lost all hope in humanity...

A new meme circulating the internet from the group Occupy Democrats compares Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders (I- Vermont) to Jesus Christ.


Yes America, Occupy Democrats have compared Bernie Sanders, a liberal's wet dream with the founder of Christianity. In typical liberal logic (there's a contradiction if I ever heard one) the group compares the two, explaining how both men were carpenters, Jewish and apparently, socialist.

I don't remember seeing in the Bible that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, believed in using the coercive powers of the government to establish an egalitarian society where taxes are high, private property doesn't exist and you have no free will.

Sure, Jesus talked about the poor, but he never said that we should engineer society to focus primarily on a class of people while using government to redistribute wealth. Jesus taught about how sharing the fruits of one's labor is a good thing; preaching a morality, a system of ethics on how one should live, not an economic system that requires the complete eradication of individual rights by an all powerful state to force collectivist policies and destroy liberty.

Sometimes folks...the jokes write themselves.

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