Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Adventures of Vito and Vito: Rick Perry in New Hampshire

Vito P., Rick Perry, Mona, Vito D., & Gene
Last Sunday, Vito and Vito traveled to the "Live Free or Die" state of New Hampshire with contributor Mona Salama and Behind Enemy Lines host Gene Berardelli to hangout with presidential candidate and former Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Here's what Gene from Behind Enemy Lines had to say about the trip,

Our first stop was in Meredith, where Rick Perry stopped at the home of supporter Hillary Seeger, who opened her doors and her barbeque to the neighborhood. Governor Perry mingled and even spoke to the crowd on a makeshift stage in front of her garage.

Governor Perry didn't come alone. Traveling with him were his lovely wife, Anita, as well as real-life heroes like "Lone Survivor" author, Navy SEAL and bona fide hero Marcus Lutrell and his twin brother Morgan - he himself a Navy SEAL, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Mike Thornton, and whose story is so remarkable that we encourage to read about it on his website, and best-selling author Brad Thor. 

Governor Rick Perry speaking at our friend Hillary Seeger's house
Next stop - a larger cookout and rally at Nashua Community College.  This was more of the typical political rally that I have come accustomed to - reporters, TV cameras and lots of invitees being handed signs and stickers to show support.  

Perry is the only veteran running for President. National Journal points out how that may be a strategic edge:
"Perry's team believes that his military background will be especially pertinent this election as foreign policy continues to rise to the forefront for GOP voters. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll conducted in late April found that 27 percent of Republicans nationally said national security and terrorism should be a top priority for the federal government—more than any other issue."
You can read Gene's full account here.

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