Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Iran Deal Increases Hezbollah Threat to U.S.

According to North Carolina Republican Representative Robert Pittenger, lifting economic sanctions on Iran will allow them to send more money to Hezbollah in Latin America.

Iran will have all economic sanctions lifted in exchange for commitment to nuclear restrictions and inspections. The deal will give the Shiite government access to more than $100 billion in frozen assets abroad.

Congressman Pittenger participated in a classified briefing with Secretary of State John Kerry, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. The Congressman said that the participants knew that Iran would not change its ways. So what is stopping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon faster?

"Look at their terrorism footprint in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, and Latin America now and through their surrogates — Hezbollah and Hamas,” Rep. Pittenger said, “We are placing them in an extraordinary position in terms of economic prowess."

“Iran uses Venezuelan, Ecuadoran, and Bolivian banks to evade the international sanctions,” he also said. “We’re following all of this on our terrorism financing task force.”

Millions of people in the United States recognize the danger the United States has put Israel and ourselves in. Most Americans want Congress to reject the deal. Iran is a leading player in terrorism and allowing their economy to grow helps their Sharia agenda. Also, they cannot be trusted to keep their side of the deal and stop building towards a nuclear weapon.

Iranians still chant "Death to America" and Sharia law calls for the destruction of Israel and America. So what does the United States get out of this deal?

The United States is allowed to inspect Iran to make sure they are not creating nuclear weapons. What happens if the U.S. goes into Iran to inspect? Sounds a lot like Iraq, again.

If Iran breaks their promise and has nuclear weapons, what do we do? Allow them to arm and fund terrorists? Watch Israel get wiped off the map? Go to war? How are any of these options good? And the Left says all the GOP wants is war?!

The southern border of the United Stats is wide open. Not only do illegal immigrants cross this border daily, but terrorists can easily, too. Hezbollah in Latin America is receiving aid from Iran and other major financiers and can easily enter the United States and plan an attack. President Obama and John Kerry are only making the situation worse and making life more dangerous for Americans.

Some Americans may not believe what is going on or feel that they are in direct danger. But as a New Yorker, who lived through the attacks on September 11, who sees terrorist prevention programs in the NYPD, and are used to bomb threats, I understand how real terrorism is. New York City is the top target, even President Obama admitted that. We need to close our border and stop terrorists, not aid them and make it easier for them to attack us.

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