Sunday, September 20, 2015

Top 5 Funniest Moments from the Second GOP Debate

Wednesday was the second GOP Presidential Debate, and with Donald Trump in the mix, you can bet that there were some funny moments. With over 22 million people tuned in to watch it live, I'm sure people were expecting something funny to happen.

Here are the top 5 funniest moments from the second debate:

Donald Trump tried to high-five Ben Carson, but it quickly turned awkward.

After Trump's comments last week basically calling Carly Fiorina ugly, he backtracked at the debate. The best is that Carly had absolutely no reaction to him!

Jeb Bush's Secret Service name would be "Eveready." Watch this exchange between Trump and Jeb!

Lindsey Graham promises that as President, we would all 'drink more.'

After Jeb admitted to smoking weed over 40 years ago, he apologized to his mom, on Twitter!

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