Friday, October 30, 2015

CNBC GOP Debate Gradebook

The GOP field at the third national debate in Colorado.

Vito and Vito during each show after the GOP debates grade each candidate's performance. These rankings do not reflect the candidate's policies, only their debate performance. We try to be as objective as possible.

In the comment section below add your own grades and compare them to Vito and Vito. Do you agree with our grades? Who do you think won?

Click below for each candidate's grades!

Ted Cruz
Vito DiGiovanni: A+
Vito Palmeri: A+

Ted Cruz was the first candidate to ridicule the biased CNBC moderators and received a huge applause for doing so. He said the moderating "is why the American people do not trust the media." He also introduced his 10% flat tax plan that evening, which was very similar to Rand Paul's tax plan. Great minds think alike?

Marco Rubio
Vito DiGiovanni: A-
Vito Palmeri: A

Marco Rubio rode the wave of attacking the biased media by saying "the Democrats have the ultimate Super PAC, called the media." Rubio stood his ground and answered questions that attacked his student loan debt and even his mortgage.

Donald Trump
Vito DiGiovanni: A+
Vito Palmeri: B+

Donald Trump wasn't given as much time as he's used to and he was more civil than usual. He answered questions about his Atlantic City businesses filing for bankruptcy and attacked the media when John Harwood asked if he was running a 'comic book version of a campaign.' Trump made great points also when he went after John Kasich's governing of Ohio. Dr. Carson and Trump also threatened to boycott the CNBC debate if it wasn't cut down from 3+ hours to 2 hours.

Chris Christie
Vito DiGiovanni: A
Vito Palmeri: B+

Chris Christie shined when attacking the biased media, like most candidates did last debate. He jumped in and stole the thunder when CNBC asked Jeb Bush about his fantasy football team. Christie also had comments about supporting the police officers of America, which was received nicely by the crowd.

Rand Paul
Vito DiGiovanni: B+
Vito Palmeri: A

Even though Rand Paul had very few questions, he nailed the ones he did get. Paul was spot on when talking about the Federal Reserve and jumped in with his flat tax plan that is very similar to Ted Cruz's. Rand Paul wasn't as feisty as he was in the first debate and didn't get as much time as he deserved.

Carly Fiorina
Vito DiGiovanni: B-
Vito Palmeri: A-

Carly Fiorina had a good amount of talking time compared to many candidates on the stage and used it to her advantage. She said she was "Hillary's worst nightmare" and held her ground when questioned about being fired from HP.

Ben Carson
Vito DiGiovanni: B-
Vito Palmeri: B

The CNBC biased media tried to avoid the poll leaders like Trump and especially Carson, who did not get much time to speak. The crowd booed when John Harwood tried to question Carson's judgment and then questioned Carson about his tax plan that would apparently leave the U.S. in a 1 trillion dollar hole. Carson did not explain his tax plan enough to disprove the moderators.

Mike Huckabee
Vito DiGiovanni: C
Vito Palmeri: C

Huckabee made great points on economic regulations and made great jokes, but he did raise eyebrows when commenting on the healthcare crisis, saying there isn't a healthcare crisis, but a health crisis in America. He didn't get much time this debate, but when he did he noted that he was wearing a Trump tie and made it clear that Trump would be a better President any day over Hillary Clinton.

Jeb Bush
Vito DiGiovanni: F
Vito Palmeri: F

I don't know who's more programmed, my iPhone or Jeb Bush! Jeb was catered by the CNBC moderators especially when they asked about his fantasy football team. Jeb's campaign is just about broke and is slipping in the polls and he desperately attacked Marco Rubio and his voting attendance record, which completely backfired. Jeb was stiff and doesn't seem passionate.

John Kasich
Vito DiGiovanni: F
Vito Palmeri: F

The biggest loser of the night, and the biggest baby! Kasich kept cutting the moderators off and kept whining and yelling. He was also called out and humiliated by Donald Trump, which didn't help matters. The next day Kasich even complimented the terrible moderating! Fuggedaboudit!

Vito DiGiovanni: F
Vito Palmeri: F

If there is a grade lower than F, CNBC would get it, especially John Harwood. The most disgusting and unprofessional moderators I have ever seen! John Harwood is rude and arrogant and should never moderate any debate ever again. The moderators were disgustingly and obviously biased and embarrassed themselves. Ted Cruz said it perfectly, this is why Americans do not trust the mainstream media!

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