Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"Democrats will be Responsible for Murders in Sanctuary Cities..."

Democrats chose partisanship over innocent American lives.

Senate Democrats blocked legislation that would punish sanctuary cities with a 54-45 vote. Sen. Lindsey Graham was the only one not to vote. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) voted with the Democrats while two Democrats voted with the GOP.

The legislation would restrict federal funds and grants to sanctuary cities and only give funding to areas that comply with immigration authorities. It would also allow local law enforcement’s to comply with immigration officials and establish a mandatory minimum sentence for criminal immigrants convicted of illegally re-entering the U.S.

“This vile legislation might as well be called the Donald Trump Act, like the disgusting, outrageous language championed by Donald Trump. This legislation paints all immigrants as criminals and rapists,” Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said on the Senate floor Monday.

This bill is absolutely not anti-immigration. And as anybody but Harry Reid can see, this bill does not label all immigrants as rapists or criminals. In fact, it doesn't paint anybody as a criminal, except for those who are. It is very convenient for Democrats to forget "illegal" when they criticize the GOP on illegal immigration. All we want to do is enforce the law! If you come into the United States illegally, you get deported. It should be much more difficult to enter this country illegally; that is why we need a wall on the southern border.

Sen. Ted Cruz said, “If, as many observers predict, Democratic senators choose to value partisan loyalty to the Obama White House over protecting the lives of the children who will be murdered by violent criminal illegal aliens in sanctuary cities if this body does not act, if they value partisan loyalty over that, and if they vote on a party-line vote… that will provide a moment of clarity,”

“You know, Mr. President, leadership loves to speak of what they call governing. And in Washington, governing is always set at least an octave lower. Governing. Well, when it comes to stopping sanctuary cities and protecting our safety, we need some governing. We need to actually fix the problem rather than a show-vote,” Cruz said.

The Democrats welcome illegal immigrants because their plan is to pass amnesty. Once there are millions of more illegal immigrants in the United States, they eventually become Democratic voters. They become pawns that the liberals play and take advantage of. Even if they do not become citizens, they still get municipal ID's, like Mayor de Blasio is doing in New York City, or get the right to vote anyway like Governor Brown is doing in California!

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