Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Letter to Liberal, Racist College Students

Dear Liberal College Students,

Recently, we’ve seen students across America rise up demanding college tuition be paid for, “safe zones” and an end to “white privilege.” To all those harassing the country over these egregious demands:


Just what exactly is “white privilege” anyway? Is it because, as a white man, I enjoy special advantages over people of color?

Please, enlighten me. Just what privileges do I, as a white man, have over others? I’m fighting just to make ends meet, like millions of other people across the country. Yet, somehow you racist fools make it seem that I have this “societal advantage” over others. Who gave you that insight into my life and the lives of others? You demand “revolution” on college campuses, storm into libraries and shout “Black Lives Matter.” You call those who disagree with you racist and shout their arguments down with rhetoric you regurgitated from your professors. Answer this: do black police lives matter?

Have you no shame? You want more government to “help” you but if you looked at the world around you, you’d see government is the thing that is holding you back! Stop kissing your Marxist professors ass and learn about how the cycle of dependency and the poverty trap are real things, learn about how higher minimum wages price young people, particularly young people of color out of the market place. Take some responsibility for your lives and demand the government get out of your way.

Listen up you pretentious fools: The only racist here is you! Quick to play the race card and never look at the facts, you march thinking you’re Dr. King when you’re really just a bunch of hacks. If you’re offended, I don’t apologize. Go hide under your blanket in your “safe zone.”  Free speech is an absolute and you have no right to silence me just because someone hurt your “feelings.”

Suck it up. Life’s hard. Go make it better for yourself.


A Libertarian-Conservative College Student

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