Thursday, December 17, 2015

CNN GOP Debate Gradebook

GOP Debate from Las Vegas, NV

Vito and Vito, after the GOP debates, grade each candidate's performance. These rankings do not reflect the candidate's policies, only their debate performance. We try to be as objective as possible.

In the comment section below add your own grades and compare them to Vito and Vito. Do you agree with our grades? Who do you think won?

Click below for each candidate's grades!

Ted Cruz
Vito DiGiovanni: A
Vito Palmeri: A

Ted Cruz won this debate. He was strong and answered each question. He won the exchanges with Marco Rubio and even after the debate, he followed up to show how Marco Rubio consistently lied about him. Unlike the others who emerged behind Donald Trump, I don't see Cruz falling too quickly.

Rand Paul
Vito DiGiovanni: A
Vito Palmeri: A

Rand Paul was consistent and just a great debater. He called out Donald Trump on banning parts of the internet, which will effect Americans. He also took many punches from Marco Rubio that should've been aimed at Cruz. For example, Rubio criticized Cruz's tax plan but it was actually Paul's plan he was talking about. I can see how Rubio can confuse the two, they're the only constitutional conservatives on the stage!

Marco Rubio
Vito DiGiovanni: A-
Vito Palmeri: A1

Marco Rubio, the new establishment favorite, did well in the debate. He was very presidential and made good points, especially stealing the ball from Donald Trump when talking about nuclear triad. He was very cut-throat though and lied about Ted Cruz. He also fear-mongered the whole debate.

Chris Christie
Vito DiGiovanni: C-
Vito Palmeri: B

Chris Christie made it back to the main stage and wasn't too shabby. His answers are always the same however; very bland. He mentions 9/11 and how he was a federal prosecutor way too much and always wants to speak to the average Joe at home through the camera.

Jeb Bush
Vito DiGiovanni: C
Vito Palmeri: B

Jeb wasn't as bad as the last debates. He still goes back and forth with Donald Trump. Trump called out the moderators and Jeb fired back saying if he has a tough time at the debates he will have an even harder time with the Islamic State and foreign leaders.

Ben Carson
Vito DiGiovanni: C
Vito Palmeri: B

Ben Carson was quiet this debate, (he's quiet everyday). Carson got brownie points for the moment of silence in the beginning. He refused to answer on which side of the NSA debate he stood and gave bland responses on national security.

Donald Trump
Vito DiGiovanni: C+
Vito Palmeri: C

Trump had his worst debate yet. He pledged his allegiance to the Republican Party, again. He also stumbled when asked about the nuclear triad; he had no idea what that was and avoided the question. He won battles with Jeb Bush, as usual which isn't difficult. He didn't shine and slipped with his comments on killing terrorists' families and banning parts of the internet.

Carly Fiorina
Vito DiGiovanni: D-
Vito Palmeri: D

We heard the same old thing: she's a woman and a former CEO. She tried to jump into conversations but failed. She had one shining moment when she touted her tech experience would help the government use the private sector to counter terrorism.

John Kasich
Vito DiGiovanni: F
Vito Palmeri: F

Why is he still running? We heard the same old thing from Kasich too, about how he "saved" Ohio. He tried to jump into conversations but was ignored. He kept complaining about all the arguing in the room and tried to look like the adult, but to no avail.

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