Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Top 5 Reasons Why Mainstream Media Hates Ted Cruz

Going into the new year of 2016, Ted Cruz is gaining a lot of momentum in the Iowa Caucus and other states that will follow. But with a lead in the polls comes more attacks from the media, but not just any attack. Since Cruz is a very principled, constitutional conservative, he faces much hate from the media, probably more than most other politicians. Here's 5 reasons why:

1) He’s a constitutional conservative. In fact I believe he is the biggest defender of the Constitution in the entire GOP field. The media loves Obama, who is shredding our Constitution every day, and they stay silent about it. Cruz’s support for the Constitution is considered unpopular and old-fashioned in the liberal mainstream media and pop culture nowadays.

2) He is not afraid to call out Republicans in Washington. Perhaps that’s why it is no surprise many in Washington despise him. However, if you are hated by both parties in the D.C. Establishment, then you’re probably doing something right. Cruz did not go to Washington to primarily make friends, although making friends isn't bad, he primarily went there to help save this country and do what is right, even if it may be unpopular by the status-quo.

3) He actually does what he says he will do. Unlike many moderate Republicans who will cave in just to be seen as friendly towards Democrats, Cruz will stand up for conservatism, whether or not he makes new friends from it.

4) He’s too smart for the media. Many Republicans fall for the “gotcha” moments that are set up when asked a question by a liberal reporter. However, the media has never been able to do that with Ted. Not only is he running a great campaign, but his debate skills allow him to give great responses in media interviews.

5) Because Cruz is one of the most conservative members in Congress, he is labeled “far right” or an “extremist” from the mainstream media. Unfortunately, there are Republicans who will move to the middle, because of the fear of such labels. However, Cruz has a lot of self-confidence in his conservative principles, so it assures he never caves in to media pressure.

So is it any wonder why Ted Cruz is hated by the media and even several members from his own party? Because he tells the truth, and he always does what he says he will do, which is what the American people want. The majority of members in Congress not keeping their campaign promises is exactly why they have a very low approval rating. But this is not the case with Ted. He is always honest, humble, and goes to Washington to fight for the American people.

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