Saturday, January 9, 2016

Obama Insults Gun Owners, Again

Last night on CNN, I watched the town hall meeting hosted by Anderson Cooper with President Obama on gun control, with the hashtag #GunsInAmerica trending.

I was not surprised by the outcome of it, because it was the same old pattern: Obama squirming in his seat when confronted, dodging hard questions, and then making fun of gun owners. This is something we see much too often.

One of the first guests to speak and give their question was Taya Kyle, widow of American Sniper hero Chris Kyle. As she schooled him with facts and mentioning gun deaths at a statistical low, Obama looked uncomfortable, responded by acting sincere, then walking around all the tough questions.

But what was much more appalling was Obama’s response to a rape survivor named Kimberly Corban. He told her having a gun may not make her safer. Telling a victim of rape, who had no gun at the time of her attack, that a gun may not have helped is absolutely absurd.

The president also mentioned that this would have been a good time for the NRA to attend, although they declined. But who can blame them? The NRA is constantly trashed and receives death threats all the time from leftists. With this demonizing that they face, why would they show up? Perhaps they would have attended if liberals wouldn’t display all this hatred and anger towards them.

Near the end of the meeting, Obama also mocked those who believed he is confiscating guns, brushing it off as a “conspiracy.” Well, it isn’t much of a “conspiracy” when Obama is by far one of the most anti-gun presidents we’ve ever had. And if he really isn’t for confiscating guns from law abiding citizens, it is awfully strange of him to always brag about countries such as England and Australia for banning guns. Also keep in mind that Obama lies about everything, so if he tells you it is just a “conspiracy”, it probably isn’t.

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