Friday, January 29, 2016

Trump-less GOP Debate Gradebook

Vito and Vito, after the GOP debates, grade each candidate's performance. These rankings do not reflect the candidate's policies, only their debate performance. We try to be as objective as possible.

In the comment section below add your own grades and compare them to Vito and Vito. Do you agree with our grades? Who do you think won?

Click below for each candidate's grades!

Donald Trump
Vito DiGiovanni: No grade
Vito Palmeri: A

Vito D. gave no grade because Trump was a no-show. You can't be graded on debate performance if you skip it. Palmeri thought differently, as explained on this week's show, Trump was smart and skipped the debate and still was the top trending topic. Everyone wants Trump, regardless if he skips the last debate.

Marco Rubio
Vito DiGiovanni: A
Vito Palmeri: B+

Marco Rubio stood out and came out strong. He is charismatic as always and was spot on this debate. Out of the candidates who did show up to debate, he won. He points out a few things about Ted Cruz that isn't really true, but all in all, his performance was good.

Ted Cruz
Vito DiGiovanni: B+
Vito Palmeri: B+

The senator from Texas was in the middle of the candidates for the first time since Trump couldn't make it. Cruz came out quick with humor and jokes about Trump, but started to slip a little bit in the beginning. He rebounded well and handled himself and the questions very well. Not his best debate, but still solid.

Rand Paul
Vito DiGiovanni: B+
Vito Palmeri: B+

Rand Paul keeps having solid debates, when he's on the main stage. Even though he is polling very low, he is one of the most conservative candidates out there. He makes great points and is a great debater.

Chris Chrisite
Vito DiGiovanni: B
Vito Palmeri: B

Chris Christie is very annoying, but he did well this time around. He keeps hanging in there. He is waiting for the New Hampshire primary, which he is polling decently. He keeps using the same old cards: governors are better than senators who whine all the time, I was there for 9/11, I was a prosecutor so I know how to stop terrorists. The same old from Christie Creme.

Jeb Bush
Vito DiGiovanni: B-
Vito Palmeri: B

Not a bad night at all for "Jeb!" He didn't win it, but he was solid, especially against Marco Rubio on immigration. He was funny when talking about Donald Trump and plugging his book for $2.99. He did well because Trump wasn't there to bully him around.

Ben Carson
Vito DiGiovanni: C+
Vito Palmeri: B-

Carson wasn't too shabby. But he didn't stand out. He doesn't get enough time or questions and doesn't get into debates with other candidates. It felt like he was just there.

John Kasich
Vito DiGiovanni: D-
Vito Palmeri: F

John Kasich needs to go home. He is the biggest RINO there is. Aside from his liberal policies, his debate performance was almost as bad. He doesn't whine as much anymore, but still wasn't making too many points to stand out. He's polling decently in New Hampshire and is waiting for some momentum to come his way after the first primary.

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