Saturday, March 19, 2016

Why I Can Never Support Donald Trump

After watching the election results on March 15th, I must admit it was a pretty depressing night. As an Illinois resident, there was an outside chance of Ted Cruz defeating Donald Trump. One recent poll had Trump just up 4 points, 38 to 34%. Unfortunately, Trump won and I must admit he had a very good night.

As defeated as I felt that night, its been said that if Trump continues winning at the rate he is, he still would not clinch the 1237 delegates needed for the GOP nomination. As Ted Cruz mentioned on Sean Hannity Friday night, Trump has to win 54% of the remaining delegates to clinch, whereas Cruz needs to win 78%. But he also mentioned that with more candidates such as Marco Rubio dropping out, it hurts Trump and helps Cruz.

As Dana Loesch has mentioned several times, this campaign is a marathon, not a sprint. We need to be patient and continue to persevere because this is the most important election of our lifetimes. Up to 4 Supreme Court justices can be chosen by the next president, and having Trump as the nominee is an absolute disaster.

While some view Trump as the "lesser of two evils" compared to Hillary, I beg to differ. He is as evil as Hillary and the evidence of it is so overwhelming. Trump supports universal healthcare, eminent domain, abortion, Planned Parenthood, and amnesty as recent as 2013. Now, if I just gave you a list of these political views, do these sound conservative to you? Absolutely not. He also admits he's "very flexible" and can change on certain views. How this gives comfort to some "conservatives", I have no idea. Nor does it help when he flip flops on every issue numerous times.

His character also speaks volumes. Being as thin skinned as Obama, he can't handle whenever he gets criticized. Last year, National Review's Rich Lowry made a joke on TV that Trump didn't like, so he tweeted that the FCC should fine him and never be allowed on TV. Is this the voice of a champion of free speech? Absolutely not. While Trump fans will brush this off as a joke, I don't take it so lightly. A presidential candidate running for President of the United States just does not say those things on twitter if he wasn't serious.

Keep in mind that Trump also has long term ties with the Clintons, also giving Hillary and other Democrats thousands of dollars. He claims he is a businessman and has to get along with everyone. However, getting along with everyone doesn't mean he has to give money to every single person he associates with. There are plenty of principled conservative businessmen, in which Trump is not one of them, who choose not to give money to liberals and Democrats.

This is a very dangerous pattern we're seeing. In 2008, there was a candidate who had celebrity status and his supporters refused to vet him. His name was Barack Obama, and he has destroyed this country in 8 years. In 2016, we have a leftist celebrity candidate named Donald Trump, and his supporters refuse to vet him as well.

These are just some of the many reasons why many including me would never vote for Trump even if he was the nominee. We cannot allow him the GOP nomination, which would be an absolute disaster and leads to a Hillary presidency. I did not leave the party, but apparently the party has left me and millions of other constitutional conservatives. Do not blame me for not voting for Trump. Instead blame those who endorsed and kept pushing for this liberal candidate to be nominated. If you want my vote for the GOP nomination, then let's make that nominee Ted Cruz, a real constitutional conservative who has the proven record.

There is still time left. We must persevere, work together, and pray that Trump is not the nominee, even if it takes a contested convention to do so. For the sake of our country, let us protect our Constitution and stop Trump from clinching the nomination.

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