Thursday, March 24, 2016

Why This Ted Cruz Supporter Thinks Donald Trump is Right About Islam

The one thing I hear on college campuses by students when I ask them questions about Donald Trump is "he's a racist."

When I ask college students just what makes Trump a racist, they immediately point to his proposal to ban all Muslims. As any rational human being can immediately see, there are problems with this statement, but one should be sure not to blame college students entirely, as I'm sure their college "safe spaces" don't allow for differing points of view that "may" offended some.

First of all, Islam is a religion, not a race. A race does not have an ideology nor does it have any spiritual component to it. Secondly, what may seem at first as an outrageous comment that threatens everything America stands for, a little thinking into the matter actually reveals the genius in Trump's plan. Let it be clear, Donald Trump is the only candidate in the 2016 race that has called attention not to radical Islam, but to the ideology of Islam itself.

Trump is advocating a position that would temporarily ban all Muslim immigration into the country. Contrary to what many think, he does not want to deport all Muslims from the United States. Trump's proposal is a totally different model from what we have heard, but only because it deals with how Trump sees Islam itself. Unlike President Obama, President Bush and countless other commentators on CNN or MSNBC who say that "Islam is a peaceful religion," Trump understands the true nature of Islam; as it's main tenants call for the submission to Allah, claim's for itself to be the final and last of all the religions, and condones self-described "Muslim nations" throughout the Middle East to follow aspects of Sharia Law, with varying degrees of absurdity, intensity. Liberal commentators make the claim that Islam is a peaceful religion with some "bad apples" that shouldn't spoil the religion on the whole. But a closer look into what Muslims believe should rattle those who hold this outrageous view.

Pew Research conducted a survey that asked Muslims in certain countries if they believe that Sharia law should be the law of the land. The results were terrifying.


I want to be clear, I am not making the claim that all Muslims hold these views. That would be as bad as an over generalization as saying "all white people are evil." But I am making the claim that a lot of Muslims around the world do hold these views; a big difference. Liberals will continue to claim that Islam is a peaceful religion and that not all Muslims are evil. They will try and make comparisons to radical Christians and Jews and try to blame just extremists as "outliers" of the religion. Before I comment on this point in a narrow and more specific way, I want to bring attention to the true pretentiousness of the liberal and progressive argument. These defenders of the "religion of peace" claim to know who the "good Muslims" are and can identify who the "bad Muslims" are. I do not know how they can make the such a distinction, as both terrorist and moderate Muslims are reading the same book with the same prophet. Yet somehow, just because liberals do not like the terrorist activities of extremists, they "feel" they have  the authority to label certain sects of Muslims as wrong interpreters. If liberals truly can understand this religion with this much depth and clarity, I encourage them to pick my lottery numbers for tomorrows drawing.

There have been no cases today of radical Catholics, under the direction of the Pope, to kill non believers, no cases of high Jewish leaders asking followers to bomb non believers. Islam, however, has many top Imans encouraging to bomb non believers, subject women to torture and institute Sharia law. Moderate Muslim organizations have condemned radical Islamic attacks but they never go any further in trying to stop the attacks by conducting academic discourse on debating different interpretations of their religion with differing leaders. If CAIR and other moderate Muslim organizations had so much of a problem with radical Islam, why don't they march in the streets of Syria, Saudi Arabia or Iran, demanding that those nations end the practice of Sharia Law? Tough words and hashtag diplomacy campaigns of celebrities and the First Lady won't end the ideological war over Islam. 

Islam has never been through a reformation nor have they opened their ideas to combining a civilized, rights-oriented society with their religion. They are incompatible. Which leads to many westernized Muslims to look away from the hardcore of their faith and into the sea of freedom that we cherish here in the west.

Donald Trump's claim that "Islam hates us" and his proposal to ban all Muslims are claims that hold legitimacy in the face of the recent terror attacks in Belgium. By banning all Muslims immigration to the United States, Trump is forcing pundits, academics and spiritual leaders to look at the faith in a truly introspective way that would force some type of concessions in the way Islam interprets it's scripture. A change in Islam must take place, not just here in the west, but also in the middle east where Islamic terrorists organizations like Hamas terrorize the people of Israel, where gays in Iran are stoned to death and women in Saudi Arabia are attacked for showing their ankle in public.

I want to stress the point; I am a Ted Cruz supporter, I will be voting for him in the New York State primary and I will be defending his campaign and record. However, Trump's bold and brave claim on Muslim immigration and Islam is one that deserves praise from anyone who see's Islam as the problem and liberty as the solution.

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