Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Why I Think Ted Cruz Is The Closest Candidate To Ronald Reagan

Many GOP candidates have tried to make the argument that they're like Ronald Reagan and will bring back his legacy if they are elected.

But there is one candidate who not only makes the claim, but has the record to prove it.

U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz has defended the Constitution his entire life. A proven consistent conservative, he has ran his campaign on 3 main issues: jobs, freedom, and security. Cruz says he will bring back jobs by shrinking the size of government, protect our civil liberties, and a foreign policy of peace through strength like Reagan.

Reagan was the tea party conservative candidate of his time, taking on Gerald Ford and the GOP Establishment. And the media claimed Reagan had no chance to win in 1980 yet, the rest is history.
Likewise, in 2016, we have a tea party candidate named Ted Cruz, with the media and GOP pundits claiming he has no chance. But how many times has he proven them wrong? He was told he would lose Iowa if he didn't let go of his opposition to ethanol mandates. He was told he couldn't win outside the south in states like Wisconsin. He was told he wouldn't last long in this campaign. Yet he has proven all of those notions wrong, just as Reagan did in 1980. 

Like Reagan, Cruz is a humble man with a strong Christian faith. Like Reagan, Cruz is a very classy guy who doesn't get in the gutter and use personal insults against other candidates. Like Reagan, Cruz is a conservative who deeply loves this country, loves the Constitution, and wants to protect our American exceptionalism. 

We have one last shot to get this election right. Ted Cruz is our last hope, and as Marco Rubio has said, the only remaining conservative in this race.

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