Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Pandering of the Clinton's is Disgusting!

Yesterday, Bill Clinton stopped in at Franco's Home Cooking in Louisville, Kentucky. He jumped behind the counter to start serving some food, just as any good politician does.

But why Franco's? Because it is a fried chicken joint that serves primarily to the black community. Don't just take my word for it, take Saturday Morning Solutions' word. Saturday Morning Solutions is a local black radio show who said,

"Bill Clinton came to the hood in Louisville and literally served fried chicken to black people."

Because, pandering.

Black people love fried chicken. And so do I. And so do most Americans. But how many brownie points can Bill earn Hillary for serving black people some fried chicken? This obviously (sarcasm) shows how down to earth and lovable Bill Clinton is; I mean who else randomly serves black people fried chicken?!

Not to mention Bill didn't wear a hair net or any gloves, but he doesn't have to, he's Bill Clinton.

Earlier in the month, Hillary had her turn to pander to the black community. On The Breakfast Club radio show in New York City, Hillary confessed that she always carries hot sauce in her purse. That is a blatant lie but since everyone knows how much black people love hot sauce (I do too), she earned brownie points with black people.

The list of pandering examples we have for the Clinton's does not end, but the most recent one that comes to memory that makes me sick is when Hillary was visiting Harlem a few weeks ago.

She decided to "randomly" stop by a senior center and play a round of dominoes. It was obviously staged. Hillary won, but didn't slam the last domino on the table, which, if anyone who plays dominoes knows, that is a must if you win. This shows Hillary has no clue what she is doing because she doesn't play dominoes. She is a rich, out of touch white woman. She cannot relate to the black community.

It is disgusting how much pandering Hillary and Bill Clinton do and how obvious it is that they are begging for black votes. It is sad that so many black people also fall for this and do vote for, not just Hillary, but for Democrats in general who do nothing for the black community but make their lives worse.

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