Friday, September 30, 2016

Why I am Voting for Donald Trump

I voted for Senator Ted Cruz in the primary and even volunteered for a Super PAC that supported him. I was apart of the #NeverTrump team for many months. People argue that voting on principle is the most important thing to do; that is true to a degree. I have two main reasons why I will cast my vote for Donald Trump this November.

I have always been on the fence about Donald Trump. I support his illegal immigration plan, his temporary Muslim-immigration ban, and his support of the Second Amendment. There are many things I disagree with Trump on, such as his tax plan, maternity leave, etc. But nobody is perfect. There is no perfect candidate. Not even Ted Cruz is the perfect candidate. For example, I did not like that Sen. Cruz supported the tobacco subsidies or was against waterboarding terrorists. The "perfect" candidate is subjective. My "perfect" is different from yours.

This election is not about choosing between two poisons. Hillary Clinton is the obvious poison. Her administration will not even cripple America, but destroy it and the Constitution. This country could get worse than it is right now, and Hillary is the one to do that. Clinton's healthcare policies are a continuation of Obama's. Her foreign policy is devastating, as we've seen with the "reset button" and her failure as Secretary of State. She is completely anti-Second Amendment. Her tax and economic plans only hurt the country and the middle class. She is a pathological liar, criminal, and I hate her pantsuits.

Here are my two main reasons why I am voting for Donald J. Trump:

If Hillary Clinton becomes President, she will have the opportunity to appoint about 3 or 4 new Supreme Court Justices while in office. This will heavily sway the court in her favor. This is crucial to protecting our rights. To help preserve the Constitution, we cannot allow Hillary "Rotten" Clinton to win this election.

America is at war with Islam. I'll say it since our President won't. And neither will Hillary. After the bombing in Manhattan, in my back yard, recently, I realized that this will only continue and get worse under another Clinton administration. Following the Bill Clinton years, we were attacked on September 11. I do not want to see what will happen if Hillary is elected. Out of the two options, the only won who can at least protect this country is Donald J. Trump.

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