Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Day Without Immigrants... You Mean Illegals

     Stay home illegal aliens and those of you who have no idea the burden illegal immigrants pose on our nation, that's just fine.  For those of us who understand what this is all about, this silly call to action as nothing but pure nonsense, go about your day as usual.  For those who stay in our nation undocumented feeding off of our system, you should be humbled and grateful, yet here you are flamboyantly flaunting your illegal status because you think someone like me will be moved to tears and want you to continue staying here as an illegal immigrant?  That's not going to happen.  All of you taking today off are full of yourselves and appreciate nothing you have here, and you miss the point entirely on what it means to be American.
     Let me specifically address a growing concern many of us have for all of you calling for open borders and reject any nationalistic identity:  How can one demand that the US take in all of the worlds sick, the poor, those seeking social justice and yet use the same tongue to bash the US for being overreaching as a leader in our world?  Let me inform all of you who deeply believe in this liberal ideology that takes more and more of hardworking Americans money to support people who flee a repressive government: continuing on this path is just , and will continue to be, a temporary Band-Aid.  Why?  The problem facing these immigrants fleeing from their home land is not being fixed.  The source of the problem will continue on its path of repression and fear, and people worldwide will still live in poverty and face social injustice daily because we don't call on other countries to fix their nonsense.  No what we do is continue on the easy route of ignoring these injustices and continue on accepting people afflicted by crisis. 

     This issue goes way deeper than a drug and crime ridden Mexico, war torn Syria, China, Russia, South America, Cuba, North Korea, India, basically anywhere and wherever people face injustice.  Americans are being lead to the slaughter because we're being labeled as evil if we do not bend to the will of other repressive governments.  Instead of towing their line, why don't we start demanding that instead of being the world's doormat that we stand up and demand that all of these nations that are oppressive and fail to offer their citizens basic human rights fix their governments so their people can live a life of harmony and peace?  We need to stand united and tell these other nation's to fix what is ripping their nation apart so their people can stay home.  That's the issue that liberals REFUSE to address each and every day, and the simple reason as to WHY is because it all comes down to politics.  How easy it is for Americans to forget that refugees and illegals are nothing but pawns in American politics.  Illegals and refugees are used so one side can appear more compassionate than another to win over the low information crowd.   If our nation's leaders took social injustice as seriously as you believe they do, then we would not have the likes of Castro nor al-Assad murdering their people for power.  No, if anything our elected officials are happy with the status-quo and seeing how to tug at our heartstrings while our homeless veterans are forgotten, our debt keeps rising, our GDP turns to dust, and our children are so under educated that they cannot compete with the world market.  All of this is about politics, not compassion.
     Immigrants will still try to flee to America because, whether your liberal education will allow you to agree, we are the best country on the planet.  That's why people want to come to America.  Who wouldn't want to pursue the "American Dream"?  Of course any of us not in support of this call to action of open borders are openly labeled as racists or worse yet, nationalists, who  do not care about the plight of those suffering around the world .... WRONG.  Those of us opposed to open borders and illegal immigration do care, we just want the same rules applying to us as to others living in our nation.  We ask those who come into our nation do so legally, that they learn our customs, language, and traditions, that they have pride in being an American.  That we take care of our own and persuade others around the world to follow in our country's footsteps. 
     Yes, many of our family members came to America, mine being one.  The difference that millenials and liberals don't realize is that they did so legally, and that they embraced everything that America had to offer while still paying homage to their roots.  That's not being done today, and that's why there is an uproar.  Come to America, but do so by following our laws.

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