Thursday, February 2, 2017

Promiscuous Passé

     Since the announcement of Trump's nomination of Judge Gorsuch, the fake eruptions of outrage from the Left have been predictable, but one claim is wearing thin on my patience. That irritating claim is that this SCOTUS nominee, and future Supreme Court Judge, will overturn Roe v. Wade.  It really did not matter who the nominee would have been, this talking point would bloom regardless, yet I am afraid that if I were to roll my eyes anymore that they would get stuck that way.
    This repeated tired claim regarding Roe v. Wade is offensive in its root that women are citizens solely concerned about access to abortion in the eyes of the Left.  The Left does not think women concern themselves with the matters of national security, care of our Veterans, the economy nor anything more pressing than the outcome of their sexual activity.  Essentially, the Leftist's concern with women worldwide ends and begins at their vagina.  If you are in doubt just look at how much funding Planned Parenthood gets and how much Planned Parenthood "donates" to certain candidates.  It's not a coincidence, it's by design for the need for power, and it's entrapment of the minds of millions of women nationwide.
       This debate regarding Roe v. Wade and it's continued protection regarding a conservative Judge is ridiculous.  Ladies, the Left truly believes that abortion access is your number one hot button issue.  Women essentially don't have any thoughts or cares about our economy, crime, the education system, or national security; all women care about is their vagina and whether or not they can have an abortion.  That is it, that's all women are for Leftists.  If the Left can scare a women enough into believing a conservative wants to drag women back to their caves and be ruled over by a man, they have job security come any election cycle.

     With this mentality of unfettered abortion access to all, we have witnessed and continue to watch our youth become sexually active at a younger age.  How is it that we have children in middle school engaging in these activities?  It's because we have thrown morality out the window in compromise to be accepting of our PC culture. For all of you younger generations out there, let me offer this: Sex is not a recreational sport.  It is not cool to go around sleeping with as many people as possible.  Being promiscuous is not something to be applauded nor something to aspire to.  While it is no one's business but yours what you do behind closed doors, there will come a day where you meet the person you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with and you will wish those other partners away. 
     Aspiring to be the prized sexual object as commonly portrayed in movies, TV, and music is not women's liberation.  It goes against everything that feminism was founded upon!  Find a role model that knows how to cleverly use their appearance in connection with their mind.  The saying that life is about balance applies to everything including your sexual lifestyle.  Whether you want to admit it or not, sex is significant and it matters.
     If we can spread that message across our nation, wouldn't it be interesting to see how the moral fabric of our nation is repaired?  The issue of Roe v. Wade goes deeper than just abortion.  It gets down to the heart of how Leftists view women... And I have to ask myself, why does the Left want to place women back in their caves?

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