Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Waking Up Conservative

 President Trump issued an executive order in regards to the safety and security of our nation and snowflakes and liberals who did not take a moment to actually READ the policy protested and or rioted.  Snowflakes and liberals who do not think there are any repercussions for their actions set fires, physically assaulted human beings, and smashed windows and glass doors when Milo was scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley.  We have legitimate citizens of the United States who care more about the welfare and right of illegal immigrants receive than they do about the suffering of our nations Vets.  There are students being taught that America is the most oppressive nation in human history and the only way to fix it is to adopt a socialist style of government. America's Supreme Court found in favor of forcing Obamacare on its citizens without enforcing it on our leadership or themselves.  Our national debt is $19 TRILLON dollars and growing, yet American citizens are told that gender identity is a more pressing matter.   American women are demanding free birth control pills and on demand abortion access in the name of equality while millions of girls are sold as child brides, undergo female genital mutilation, and are still considered property of men.  The list goes on and on of complaints conservatives have against liberals, but let's address something that's going to make liberals cry; whether you, liberals, like it or not, the children being raised now are being raised with conservative values.   

     Surprised?  I bet most of you are. Look at what is happening to the children who have been lead astray thanks in part by our educational system and mainstream liberal policies.  You are witnessing a generation of lazy cry babies who are completely unprepared for life thanks to policies and teachings they grew up under.  No one in their right frame of mind can say the riots occurring on college campuses followed by a latte at the college "safe space" is a good thing.  Most of these kids are doomed before their life even begins because they were fed lies throughout their childhood, and that lie is liberalism. 
     You cannot expect parents, especially new parents, to accept these situations as normal.  Parents aren't taking a back a seat.  They are evaluating what is best for their child while reading the news on their smart phone.  Turns out parents of children just entering elementary school or younger ARE paying attention, and they are not buying into the liberal propaganda.  It's this generation of children that every liberal should be scared of... and perhaps THIS is the reason why they advocate and praise abortions. 
     The world is about to see a new generation of children raised by parents who are faithfully paying attention to the policies of school boards and politicians.  Parents are paying more attention now to the policies made because not only does it affect what their child is taught in school, but it also affects their financial bottom line.  To which I urge everyone, not just parents, to READ policies set forth and be active in your local and federal government.  The office of the President is not the only office that affects you, your local officials more closely directly impact your daily life more than you even begin to realize.
     Liberals, you've been warned.  The conservative ideology is fixing to make a huge come back, and it'll leave your head spinning.

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