Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tact: How DO You Do?

Dear Anti-Trump Rioters/Protesters/Demonstrators,

     There is so much unrest in our nation, worldwide even, that it goes beyond imagination.  This unrest, this unease, is palpable.  Like many of you I am beginning to believe that this is a tangible being, as if one day we will wake up to news of it leaving a slime trail of darkness on the city streets.  Yet I, like many others, believe this unrest has grown way beyond what it should. 
     Which has me wonder of you Anti-Trump protesters, how can any of you legitimately justify your destructive actions and the vile tone you have adopted?   You want to stand up for your beliefs which is one of the pillars of freedoms this nation is all about; and as an American I encourage you to voice your dissent as it is your right.  Yet those of you in the Anti-Trump crowd forget that it is through this dissent that we learn from those with different view points, and that your point is more effective when it is delivered with tact, and this is something you do not have.  It is this lack of tact that is your downfall.
     Tact comes when you can deliver your point without violence, destruction, or assault, but with words that are so well articulated and a point so thoughtfully prepared that those who stand in opposition from your views are persuaded of their own free will to listen.  It is here where you lose everything that you are trying accomplish and it is here that your "movement" dies a painful death.  You Anti-Trump protesters are not convincing Americans who voted for Trump to listen to you and to unite on common ground; you're pushing them away with your foolish protests that quickly turn into destructive riots and assaults on your fellow Americans.   In simple terms, your demonstrations are leading no where. 

     Which makes many wonder, what are your next steps with this Anti-Trump movement?  Are you planning to go to your local elected officials office and see how you can work with them to share and accomplish your goals of "securing America" from what you perceive to be a threat in the Oval Office?  Or is the whole movement about causing chaos, destruction, hate, and fear? 
     If you want to be successful your movement, you would stop this nonsense and reevaluate what it is you want to accomplish.  If  you are truly dedicated to this cause and really believed in what you were doing, you would not hide your faces.  If you truly want people to listen to you and take you seriously, you would not destroy buildings nor would you physically attack others with opposing view points.  You would find someone who could channel that energy and tactfully articulate your mission.  You would stop with the cliché comparison of liking President Trump to Hitler because all you are doing is lessening the severity of the genocide Hitler put defenseless human beings through.
     If you cannot stop with this destructive behavior, then I ask that you stop protesting and focus on your self and your family.  Act in a manner to keep them safe, and soon I think you will see that God, the Universe, whatever you may believe in, has a way of settling the hearts of mankind. 

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