Monday, April 10, 2017

Ready, Aim, Syria!

  This is bad...this is bad, this is bad, this is BAD.  That was the mantra on repeat in my brain when the word of the airstrike in Syria was announced.   This has to be the beginning of WWIII, right?!  How could President Trump do something so overly risky?  An understandable thought, right?  This is scary stuff.  This is a monumental event that has just taken place for the world, not just President Trump's administration.  There are some serious repercussions to this event.... but let's think about this for a moment.  This might not be the worst thing to happen.
      Reports began in 2012, while President Obama was in office, indicating that the Assad regime was behind the murder of his own people.  Who can forget Obama's famous "Red Line"?  A warning to Assad after reports of the attacks went viral on the international stage... a line that Obama realistically had no intention of holding Assad's feet to the fire.   It was empty an empty threat by Obama, and Assad knew it.  Assad was given a golden ticket by Obama, Assad saw this, and the world knew it, but no one put up a fight.  This lead to the great refugee crisis we're witnessing now.   Syria is in shambles now because Assad and his regime knew they could get away with anything.  Enter Trump.
     Like many of us, President Trump does not want a war.  What we are seeing from Trump is a bold action to something that SHOULD have been taken care of years ago.  The target was Shayrat air base; to help stop future possibilities of a chemical weapons attack.  Russians were warned about the strike, even though they continue to turn their heads to the deplorable attack on innocent people.
     This strategic strike is a wake up call to the people across the world that America will not stand by while innocent people are murdered by their government.  Hopefully Americans, and others around the world, who have had their heads buried in the sand in regards to the atrocities committed by Assad will see that this was a vital steps to stabilize Syria.  Perhaps some see it as an "act of aggression", but what else would a mass murderer will understand if not strength?  

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